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Paralyzing and destructive, Acid Expulsion is a rare demonic power that allows the user to emit a deadly spray of acid from their hands, mouths or other areas. The acid can vary in color from clear to yellow-green.

Karen Young[]

While working at The Bay Mirror, Karen Young, a Mortal was targeted by a Demonic Power Broker who used Karen to store an Acid Expulsion power. The Brokers use humans to store demonic powers until the power can be sold to the highest bidder.

The power caused Karen to become frightened, paranoid, confused, violent and would have ultimately led to transformation into a demon but the power was pulled from Karen when the Charmed Ones discovered the brokers were at work. But before the power was removed, Karen expelled a spray of acid at Paige Matthews', burning her arms. Leo Wyatt later healed the wounds.

The Scabbar Demons[]


Rick is hit with a deadly spray of Acid

A low-level breed of demons that attack their victims by spraying a deadly stream of acid from their mouths. Upon contact with the yellow-green acid, an object will burn and deteriorate into reminents of what it once was, while any living being hit with the acid will immediately burst into flames upon contact. Rick Gittridge was destroyed with a spray of the acid.