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Thriving on the chaos and disharmony created when mortal beings are at odds with each other and when the order of their lives is split asunder, the Demon of Anarchy destroys all order, confounds all harmony and disrupts peace by negatively influencing his victims rendering them angry, violent and infuriated with rage.

Vanquish Spell Confusion and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse[]

The Charmed Ones mistakenly believed that a demon creating havoc in San Francisco was the Demon of Anarchy and used his vanquish spell in an attempt to destroy a member of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse. Upon completion of the spell however, Prue Halliwell was sucked into a vortex and banished to the Astral Plane with the Horseman, War.

Piper and Phoebe Halliwell discovered that getting their sister back would require teaming up with the remaining three Horsemen - Strife, Famine and Death - and reverse the spell they used. The sisters and the Horsemen returned to the location where they cast the spell to vanquish Anarchy and proceeded with the plan to get Prue back. However half-way through casting the spell, Phoebe hesitated, worrying that if they brought Prue as well as War back, the Four Horsemen would succeed in their plan to destroy the world. Piper and Phoebe refused to finish the spell and electrical bolts arose from the vortex destroying the three Horsemen; Phoebe and Piper continued the spell and were able to save

Phoebe's Summoning Spell[]

Sower of discord, your help we implore,
I summon thee now, with these words of truce.

Vanquish Spell[]

Sower of discord, your works must Cease,
I vanquish thee now with these words of Peace.

Book of Shadows[]

After Piper Halliwell encountered a demon creating havoc in the streets of San Francisco , she and her sisters realized the city was becoming a hub of violent behavior and that there may be a more insidious force at work. The sisters then researched the Book of Shadows and found an entry on Anarchy. Included was a description of the demon, a vanquish potion and a spell. An illustration was not included.

Demon of Anarchy
You will know this
demon by the destruction
he leaves in his wake.
His goal is to destroy all
order, to confound all har-
mony, to disrupt all peace.
He thrives on the chaos
That results when
mortals are split asunder
from the structure of
their lives.
To defeat this demon
you must administer the
potion below while chanting:
Sower of discord your works must Cease
I vanquish thee now with these words of Peace

Mix the juice of one pomegranate,
with two measures of honey,
fold in three bay leaves, three laurel leaves,
And one clover blossom.
Steam, then decant into a glass globe,
Wrap the globe in blue velvet.