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Ask Phoebe
Ask Phoebe TV-series
The Sign for the show
Show Information
Host Phoebe Halliwell
Creator Jason Dean
Filming Location San Francisco, California

Ask Phoebe was a talk show in an alternate reality based on the passions, fantasies, desires and dreams of Jason Dean, created by a powerful demon known as Gith. Jason Dean presented Phoebe Halliwell with her own television series based on her advice column for The Bay Mirror.

The show would presumably be an extension of her advice column Ask Phoebe , dealing with relationship issues, finding love and keeping it, and other personal problems.

Jason and Phoebe arrived to the stage to a plethora of screaming fans in the audience waiting for her to begin her show. Afterwards as they left, they were swarmed by fans of Phoebe's, her advice column and the new T.V. show. As Phoebe and Jason got in the limo to leave, Phoebe looked back and saw a man holding a sign that said "or die" on it. She knew something was amiss and this could not be real.