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An advancement of the basic power of Premonition, Astral Premonition allows the being gifted with the ability not only to foresee the future, but actually projects them to it allowing them to experience the vision first hand.

Phoebe Halliwell's Experience[]

This power was only bestowed on Charmed One Phoebe Halliwell on three separate occasions.

Vision of Orin[]

Phoebe Halliwell first exhibited the power of Astral Premonition in 2003 when her original power of premonition was magnified by the Waffedyiok, the Evil Eye. When Phoebe was handed the Gypsy Lydia Nicolae's Evil Eye necklace, her first Astral Premonition was triggered where she projected into the future, witnessing the death of her sisters at the hands of Gypsy Hunter, Orin. As Orin blasted an eye beam toward Phoebe in the future, her trueself was wounded by the beam, being thrown backwards to the floor. She then awoke from the premonition and was healed by Leo Wyatt.

Vision of the Sandman's Death[]

Phoebe was asleep as a Sandman appeared beside her, sprinkling dream dust atop her face, causing her to dream. In the dream, she walked into the basement of Halliwell Manor where a man in a skimask appeared with a chainsaw. A premonition was then triggered and Phoebe travelled to a camp where she and her sisters would go when they were children. A Sandman appeared along with a Tracer Demon. Phoebe stood in the campground, as the Tracer launched LIghtning Bolts at the Sandman, destroying him. Phoebe then awoke and the Sandman stood before her, telling her it was not a dream and that he needed her help.

Vision of Her Futureself[]

When Phoebe was unsure if her vision of having children would ever come to fruition, she picked up a blanket and had an Astral Premonition where she projected into the future where she saw her futureself, her daughter along with Wyatt and Christopher Halliwell. She appeared alongside future Phoebe, questioning her about the future. Her futureself reassured her that what she foresaw would be and that she shouldn't stop believing in it..