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A superb strategist in battle, Athena, the daughter of the Greek God Zeus, was the Goddess of Strategy, Wisdom and War. In Greek myth, Athena was Zeus' favorite child and the only one he ever entrusted with his power and his secret location of his lightning bolts. The Goddess often served as Zeus' advisor, constant ally and fierce protector.

Athena championed many heroes, offering them her protection and guidance and although she is highly regarded as Goddess of War, she excelled as a mediator and strategist in battle assisting many gods, goddesses and heroes as they faced seemingly impossible tests. She always worked to prevent war, but once war had been joined the Goddess Athena fought efficiently for her side. Nike, the Goddess who personified Winged Victory, often accompanied Athena. Not surprising however, since Athena never lost a battle.

Paige Matthews is Transformed Into Athena[]

After a demon released the Titans from their icy imprisonment, the cosmic beings set forth a plan to destroy those who entombed them millennia ago, the Elders. Learning of their release, Leo Wyatt authorized Christopher Halliwell to imbue PiperPhoebe and Paige with the essence of three Goddesses - Aphrodite, Athena and Gaea - in order to defeat the Titans. Paige was imbued with the essence of Athena, causing her to become a highly skilled strategist in battle, she was given Zeus' Trident, allowing her to wield the power of lightning bolts. In conjunction with Phoebe and Piper, Paige was able to create a shield around herself to protect herself from the Titans. Along with Phoebe, gifted with the powers of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty and Piper, gifted with the powers of Gaea, the Goddess of the Earth, Paige did battle with the Titans and succeeded in destroying the cosmic beings when Piper opened the earth in Halliwell Manor, leaving the Titans to be swallowed by the flames of hell.