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Baby Town
Location Information
Proper Name Baby Town Baby and Kids Furniture
City San Francisco
State California
Country United States of America

In 2000, after finding an abandoned baby named Matthew van Lewen at the San Francisco Police Department, Phoebe Halliwell received a premonition of the past where in which Matthew's father was attacked by an evil spirit - Elias Lundy, Elias used his power of Electrokinesis to zap the baby's father. Phoebe then took the baby back to the Manor where she, Prue and Piper looked after and protected the baby while trying to locate the man from Phoebe's vision. After it was decided that Phoebe was going to go back to the police station to discuss the situation with Morris, and Piper would stay at the Manor and take care of the baby, Prue headed to Baby Town - a store selling goods for babies - diapers, furniture, strollers, toys, bedding and so on.

Prue walked down the diaper aisle with a cart full of the necessities to take care of baby Matthew, she then saw the diapers that she needed were on the top shelf. She looked around to make sure no one is around and then useed her power to telekinetically send the diapers down to her. Two packets of diapers flew off the shelf and she caught them. Suddenly Jack Sheridan and a kid riding a scooter around the store appeared. Jack saw Prue and made his way over to her.

Jack told Prue that her assistant told her where she was and he asked Prue what she was doing at the baby store. Prue explained that there was a family emergency and that the merchandise was for her baby cousin that she and her sisters were looking after. Jacks asked Prue when she will be returning to work because they had a trip to New York to get ready for, she told him right after she dropped the products off at the Manor. Jack said he thought Prue may be having seconds thoughts about the trip but she explained there was nothing else she would rather be doing than going to New York and she asked him if he knew anything about diapers, he told he knows nothing about babies and diapers. Jack told Prue he can't wait to go to the Big Apple where the hip clubs and romantic restaurants are. He then told her he had to catch up with the kid seen at the beginning of the scene. Prue smiled as she watched him leave.