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Used to Banish a Ghost into oblivion, Banishing a Ghost is an entry contained within the pages of the Halliwell Family's Book of Shadows that describes the method and ingredients needed to create a potion to eliminate an evil ghost.

The Book of Shadows[]

Although this entry was first seen in 2002 when Piper Halliwell wanted to create a banishing potion for her sister Paige Matthews just in case the spirit of Olivia Callaway did not cooperate with her and Richard Montana and cease prolonging the feud between the Montana Family amd the Callaway Family, the potion was first mentioned when the Halliwell sisters encountered the evil spirit, Elias Lundy. Prue Halliwell and her sisters Piper and Phoebe created the potion after learning Elias was holding captive the woman he loved, Martha van Lewen, but when the sisters went to pour the potion over the bones, which lay in the yard of the van Lewen Estate, Elias felt the bones be crushed by the sisters and travelled to a balcony where he blasted the bones, causing the ground to open and swallow them. The entry read:

Banishing a Ghost
To Banish a ghost
to oblivion pour
this mixture over
the departed bones

a palmful of pomegranate seeds
ground into a fine paste
a pinch of comfry root
a pinch of blood meal
a pinch of clematis seed
a pinch of dried rhubarb leaf

Mix well, add a chalice of
Twice Blessed water and boil.