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The Book of Shadows[]

After an encounter with Barbas, Prue went to the Attic where she found an entry about the demon written by her mother, Patty, who added a piece of advice from the Afterlife guiding her daughters on how to overcome the demon. She also added a thank you after she appeared to Prue when she nearly drowned in the pool. The entry read thus:

The Demon of Fear, also known as Barbas,
appears on earth once every 1300 years on a Friday
the 13th for twenty four hours. His appearance is
attributed to the universal convergence of negative
energies as derived from astrological charts. He
derives his life force by feeding off the fears of
witches. If he can kill 13 unmarried female
witches before the stroke of midnight on the 13th
he will be able to break free from his eternal
bonds and walk the earth for eternity.
A witch's only defense is to identify and then
release her greatest fears. Do not rely on your
wicca powers for defence, for in the face of your
greatest fear, those powers are paralyzed.
To let go of your fear, trust in the greatest
of all powers.
Thanks for letting them into your heart.