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The Avatar Beta
Beta EMWE1
Beta in Extreme Makeover: World Edition
Biographical Information
First Appearance Once in a Blue Moon
Final Appearance Extreme Makeover: World Edition
Classification Neutral Being
Current Status Deceased
Cause of Death Destroyed with Avatar Vanquish Potion
Also Known As
The New Power
Physical Attributes
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Black
Magical Characteristics
Active Powers
Other Powers
Main Goal
To Establish Utopia
  • Alpha
  • Delta
  • Gamma
  • Epsilon
  • All other Avatars
  • The Grand Design
  • The Greater Good
  • All Living Beings
Portrayed By:
Patrice Fisher

Beta was one of the leading Avatars. As an Avatar, Beta was very soft spoken and elusive but forthright at times. Her allegiance to her fellow Avatars and to the Greater Good was clear. She appeared only in Season 7.

Along with Alpha and Gamma, Beta spent a large amount of time trying to sway Leo Wyatt into seeing that he must join the Avatars so that they can persuade the Charmed Ones into helping establish Utopia. In addition to transforming into a creature head to Leo in an attempt to persuade him to their side like Alpha and Gamma did, Beta offered various explanations and reasons as to why they need Leo and the Charmed Ones to assist in creating Utopia.

After Leo was killed the first time with the Avatar Vanquish Potion by Kyle Brody, Alpha and Beta appeared to Leo, froze time and the two tapped into the Avatars collective power to reverse time so that Leo could prevent the incident from happening.

Beta was also present during Kyle's second attempt to kill Leo, this time along with Alpha, the two froze time again and took the potion bottle with them. She also persuaded Leo into protecting the demon Kyra, a Seer so that she could share a vision of the Utopia with Phoebe, in an attempt to change her mind and join in creating a world where evil didn't exist.

With the help of Leo and the sisters, Beta and her fellow Avatars tapped into the collective Avatar power and created Utopia.

Beta's Death[]

Kyle Brody and Zankou the demon fooled Paige into calling her and when she appeared, Kyle killed her with a special potion that kills Avatars. This was the second potion he had got, this time back when he went back in time to see how his parents had died. Beta attacked Kyle at the same time, blasting him with electricity, killing him instantly. After Beta's death, the collective power was weakened and the Avatars were only able to reverse time to before Utopia was created, but their were unable to restore Kyle's life. Kyle later became a Whitelighter.


The Avatars' powers seem to be unlimited. Unbound by the constraints of good and evil, their powers range from manipulating time to resurrecting the dead. They are immune to all known powers and magical influences, save for an ancient potion created during the time of ancient Egypt.

However, these abilities are limited by the overall strength of the collective,.For example, The Avatars could not alter reality until they were at full strength, and then only with the help and added power of the Charmed Ones.


Beta appeared in a total of 6 episodes throughout the course of the series.

Season 7
Once in a Blue Moon
Charmed Noir
There's Something About Leo
Witchness Protection
Ordinary Witches
Extreme Makeover: World Edition

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