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Billy smiles as Phoebe applies makeup to his face

"Billy is the ideal man." - Phoebe and Prue Halliwell discuss Billy

Starring in Charmed One Phoebe Halliwell's favorite romantic horror movie "Kill It Before It Dies", Billy Appleby is Phoebe's ideal man that was brought out of the film when a demon known as the Demon of Illusion intruded in the film in an attempt to spread violence amongst theater goers.

Quick Facts[]

Name: Billy Appleby
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White

Phoebe's Crush on Billy[]

Wanting to do research in hopes of learning what she was looking for in a man, Phoebe went to see "Kill It Before It Dies" at the Revival House in San Francisco where she was taken aback by Billy's charm and remembered how he was the first guy she fell for. She and her sister Prue discussed Billy and Phoebe revealed she had a crush on the man since she first saw the movie when she was twelve years old. Phoebe then reiterated that Billy was the perfect man.

Sally Mae[]

A character in "Kill It Before It Dies", Sally Mae was Billy's onscreen girlfriend to whom he was going steady with. When Billy was released from the movie, Sally Mae looked all over Billie and was then upset by seeing him with Phoebe, but Billy reiterated that she was his one and only girl.

Release From the Movie[]

After the Demon of Illusion surfaced in San Francisco with the desire to spread his particular brand of violence through films, he appeared in "Kill It Before It Dies" while Phoebe saw it and then followed the witch home, where he then attacked her and Prue. Prue blasted the Demon against their grandfather clock and he retreated to the Revival House where the two sisters followed him back to the theater. Phoebe recited a spell in hopes of vanquishing him but the demon vanished into the film, making the sisters think the spell worked.

Later, Phoebe and Piper were discussing a man, nicknamed "Melatonin Boy" that Phoebe went on a date with and she questioned why she couldn't find a man like Billy in her reality.Leo Wyatt then orbed in and revealed that the Elders have learned about the Demon of Illusion but Phoebe told him they took care of the demon the other night but then they realized that maybe they didn't really vanquish him.

Prue, Piper and Phoebe then went back to the Revival House to the cinema showing "Kill It Before It Dies" and after Piper froze the audience, Illusion appeared on screen. Billy then emerged on screen as well looking for Sally Mae and confronted Illusion, telling him that he thought he said he wan't going to interfere in the film anymore, but the Illusion told the man to shut up, to which Phoebe responded with a "Hey!". Billy was then struck by Phoebe's beauty and looked at her; Phoebe realized that Billy was staring at her, and she questioned her sisters if they notice he was looking at her. He said "Hi" to her, to which Phoebe responded with the word as well.


Illusion then called Phoebe "tarty" to which Billy told him to watch his language in front of the ladies and to consider that a warning. But then Illusion called Phoebe a bitch causing Billy to pounce on the demon causing both himself and Illusion to come out of the screen into reality; although Illusion was in normal color, Billy was black and white. Prue then used her power of Telekinesis to blast Illusion backwards and when he looked up he was baffled by Billy being in reality and asked how he did it. Illusion then got up and thanked him for the inspiration as he ran out of the cinema. Billy then looked at Phoebe, smiled and waved at her.

Assisting the Halliwells[]

The Halliwells then returned to Halliwell Manor with Billy and they went to the Attic to find out more about the demon but then Billy, thinking it was still part of the movie, asked the sisters what the point of the scene was and if someone could explain his part to him. But then Phoebe told him that it wasn't a film, they were all real except she didn't quite know what he was yet. Billy was still confused but Leo told him that the sisters were the good guys.

The sisters and Leo then tried to figure out how Illusion creates violence and Billy explained that the demon goes into the movies. As he was explaining, he asked where the music was, saying that it was the second act where everything was about to be explained, that their should be music to talk over to build suspense and hide the exposition; he then said he hated exposition and asked Phoebe if she did, she nodded and told him not to get her started. Prue asked if the demon does something to the story but Billy told them he doesn't something to the audience, causing them to be different, angry, when they leave. Phoebe then realized the demon wasn't at the movie earlier, he was in the movie. The sisters then discovered that the demon uses movies to create violence and decided to travel to various theaters showing horror movies. Prue told Phoebe to stay with Billy and add some technicolor to him.

Kissing Phoebe and Protecting the Sisters[]

While Piper and Leo proceeded to track down the Demon, Phoebe retrieved her makeup and began to apply it to Billy's face to hid the fact that he was in black and white. As she applied the makeup, she explained how she loved the part of Billy's movie where Sally Mae got her hair stuck in the car door before the monster was about to get. But then she stopped and apologized because not only had Billy saw it, he lived it. Billy replied that it was okay because he like to hear what she thought and Phoebe told him that he had to stop saying things like that because every girl will know that he isn't for real.

As Billy continued looking at Phoebe and smiling, the witch told him that he made her feel like a kid again, and that she saw the movie about a thousand times. He said that he was glad she liked it as Phoebe explained that even with the predictable lines, story and dialogue, he was really real. Billy told her that he was those lines, it was how he was written and that he didn't exist outside the movie. Phoebe told him not until now as he continued to tell her that he never minded knowing what scenes to show up for and what lines to say, but now since Illusion showed up, he could write his own lines and be more like her. Phoebe smiled and Billy told her that he thought she was swell. Phoebe thanked him as he told her tat he didn't know how it happened; all he ever knew, understood and felt had been scripted, he had no choice. But there, they have options, choices about where to go and what to say. Phoebe told him that he was in her world now and asked him what he wanted to do, he took off her glasses and kissed her passionately causing the makeup on his lips to rub off, revealing the black and white again.

Phoebe told him that she almost forgot that he wasn't real but the phone rang, it was Darryl Morris calling about the violence caused by the demon. Phoebe told him to keep his eyes open because the day was probably only going to get worse. Phoebe called Piper and told her that they've found the demon. She and Billy then continued kissing in the Attic until Prue came running in after being attacked by the Axe Murderer that Illusion released from a film. Billy stood in front of the two sisters thinking he could protect them from the movie character but when the murderer burst threw the door with his axe, he and the sisters hid behind a shelf. As the murderer chopped through an antique rack, Prue was about to call him an asshole but half way through, Billy reached his hand over Prue's mouth and Phoebe told her that Billy was sensitive about language.

Piper then returned to Halliwell Manor being chased by Bloody Mary and she heard the commotion to attic. Prue and Phoebe stood close to Billy clutching on to him as the murderer continued destroying everything in his path. But after Prue tried to protect herself with a chair, Piper appeared behind him and impaled him with a piece of broken wood, causing the murderer to fall to the ground. But then he tried to get up leaving Billy and the sister to run out of the attic. In the hallway, Blood Mary appeared and she stabbed Billy, but he was impervious to the knife. He told Phoebe that he said something in common with the bad guys and told her to run.

Piper and Prue went into the bathroom but then Bloody Mary surprised them and they ran out where they bumped into Billy and Phoebe, causing them all to shriek in terror. The Axe Murderer then appeared and Billy knocked him to the floor and laid on top of him. He told the sisters that it was okay because they can't hurt him and that he'd hold the murderer off. The sisters then ran upstairs where Phoebe told her sisters she figured out to kill the movie characters - since Billy said that he only knew what was written, it must also mean that the villains could only be killed the same way they were in the films.

Bloody Mary then came into the Attic as Phoebe explained who she was and that she died by being thrown outside the window and the Axe Murderer was electrocuted. She asked Prue to go tell Billy and as she did, Phoebe was able to kick Mary through the attic window, causing her to fall to the front lawn and disintegrate. But then Prue was thrown into the attic by the murderer who then walked in. Piper grabbed a mop with a water bucket as Billy came running in and told them it was okay because the man was there to save the day and held his fists to the murderer. But Prue told him that it was twenty-first century and it was the woman's job to save the day. She sent an electric heater that was plugged in into the murderer's hands with her power of Telekinesis and Phoebe then threw the water on him, electrocuting and causing him to disintegrate.

The doorbell rang and Billy along with the sisters cautiously made their way to the door where Darryl told them it was him. They then invited him in and went to the living room where Phoebe and Billy sat together. Darryl looked at Billy but Phoebe told him it was okay to tell them what had happened. The sisters explained what was going on as Billy attentively listened and Billy told them that he knew where the demon was because he didn't only show up there that night, he had been there before, every time they left for a new city, he comes along with them, traveling in the film. Phoebe explained that she would have to leave Billy in his movie but Billy told her it meant that she would always know where to find him.

Return to the Movie[]

Billy and the sisters then proceeded to the movie theater where Sally Mae was on screen and saw Billy. She told him that it was the part where they were supposed to be off screen making love, but then she noticed Phoebe. She asked how Billy could do it because they were going steady and that he "pinned" her. Billy told him that was because the writers told him to and that she was a nice girl and all and looked at Phoebe before stopping himself from what he was going to say. He told Sally Mae that the sisters were there to help them, Billy then retrieve a potion bottle from Phoebe and he tapped bottles with her before they both drank the potion that would bring them back into the film and threw the bottle backwards before stepping back into the movie. Billy stepped in first and extended his arm to help Phoebe enter. She told her sisters to check her out as Piper drank the potion, saying that it tasted like ass, but then Billy looked at her and she followed the word with "phalt" and entered the movie as well.

But then Illusion emerged from the background and attacked. Before they could destroy him, the film ended, trapping them inside. But Prue reversed the film, Billy and Sally Mae reverted to their normal roles and Piper and Phoebe exited the movie as Prue stopped the film from moving, leaving the light to project onto Illusion, burning the film and destroying the demon. The fire was extinguished and Phoebe then stood in front of the movie screen where Billy appeared and she explained that it was only fair because she got her first glimpse of romance on the bigscreen from him and that it was only fair that other girls get the same opportunity. She thanked him for restoring her faith in the male species to which Billy responded that now she only had to wait for a man that was three dimensional. They then smiled at one another as they both placed their hands onto the screen to touch one another. The two walked away but not before looking back at one another and smiling.

The sisters then returned to the Manor where Prue presented Phoebe with a copy of "Kill It Before It Dies". Phoebe thanked her and went to her room to watch the movie. She smiled as she mouthed the words while Billy told Sally Mae that he thought she was swell and kissed one another.