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Paige Matthews prepares to suck Piper Halliwell's blood

Feeding on the blood of innocents is a rare characteristic possessed by few magical beings, Blood Sucking is the physical act of placing the mouth on the neck or other body part of a victim and then puncturing the skin causing blood to spill. The being the feeds on the blood, quenching their thirst for it, acting as a form of nourishment.


Immortal non-dead creatures of the night, Vampires use their sharp canine teeth to puncture a victim's neck and suck their blood. They also often attack prey and suck blood in bat form. The blood sucking will cause the victim to transform into a Vampire but the transformation will not be complete until the one who has been attacked feeds on the blood of an innocent.


Magical animal-like creatures that feed in livestock, the Chupacabra sucks and drinks the blood of various animals. Using their sharp canine teeth, Vampires