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Bosk Attic
Bosk in Halliwell Manor wearing Eye of Aghbar
Physical Information
Hair Color
  • Brown
Eye Color
  • Blue
Skin Color
  • White
  • Medium
Magical Attributes
Active Powers
  • Evil
Vanquish Potion Ingredients
  • Mandrake
  • Dark Roasted Wattleseed
  • Dwarf Milkweed
  • Keeled Bladderpod
  • 2004

Bosk was a sinister low-level demon who possessed the demonic power of shooting Light Darts. In addition to this power he owned a magic carpet that he acquired during his time trying to locate the lost city of Zanbar. Along his travels as a demon, Bosk came across a magical bottle that housed another demon known as Jinny; Jinny was turned into a Genie and trapped within in the bottle years ago.

Bosk Thief

A Demonic Thief

Bosk discovered that the possible location of the ancient city and hired Forty Demonic Thieves to search for Zanbar in an unknown locale in the Middle East. When and if Bosk found the actual city and wished Jinny to bring it back, there would be no stopping him, he would become invincible. While attempting to unlock the location of the city, Jinny tricked the Chris Halliwell and the Charmed Ones into believing she was actually a Genie who needed to be freed from Bosk.

Bosk premonition

Bosk in Phoebe's premonition

Jinny sent a letter to Phoebe via her advice column Ask Phoebe. When Phoebe touched the letter, she had a Premonition of Jinny being killed by Bosk. Phoebe along with Chris then traveled to Jinny's location and thinking she was an innocent, brought her back to the Manor and Bosk soon followed.

During an attack in the Attic of the Manor, it was shown that Bosk was protected from the witches' magic due to his possession of the Eye of Aghbar, which one of his associates gave him. However, he was soon vanquished by Jinny when Phoebe wished her free. She was freed from the bottle and her true color came through when she transformed into a demon and tried to acquire the power that would come with locating Zanbar for herself.

Book of Shadows[]

Bosk is one of many demons who has an entire page in the Halliwell's Book of Shadows dedicated to him. The entry reads thus:

BOS Bosk


A sinister low-level demon
who attacks by shooting light
darts at his victims.
He can be vanquished with the
following ingredients:
Dark Roasted
Dwarf Milkweed
Keeled Bladderpod



Bosk appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 6
I Dream of Phoebe