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The Bunyip seen in the Halliwell's Book of Shadows

Residing in lakes, rivers and swamps in the Outback of Australia, the Bunyip is a large, monstrous cow-like creature that bears tusks upon its head. It is a fairly serene being that only attacks and kills humans when its source of food is disrupted, ultimately leading the disruptive human into the water to their death.

The Book of Shadows[]

An two page spread in the Halliwell Family's Book of Shadows is dedicated to the Bunyip. It included a full page illustration of the creature in its habitat adjoined to a full page describing the creature, its residence and its reason for and method of attack. The page was first seen when Prue and Piper Halliwell were searching for a spell to send them back to their own time after being sent to 2009 in an attempt to learn the reason their sister Phoebe had a horrifying premonition of her own imprisonment where she was burned at the stake. The entry in the Book read thus:

A monstrous creature of the Australian Outback,
the Bunyip lies in rivers, lakes and swamps and is
roughly the size of a cow. It leaves humans alone,
but if its source of food is disturbed
it will bring a human into the water
to their death.


  • Phoebe also referenced the Bunyip when she created a makeshift spell in an attempt to vanquish a Demon of Illusion in early spring 2000.