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Captain Black Jack Cutting
Cutting with his Parrot
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Life Draining (with Athame)
Portrayed by
Harve Presnell

Captain Black Jack Cutting was an 18th century pirate who was a ruthless, bloodthirsty pirate, chopping up the coastlines. He once tricked a young witch into falling in love with him so he could convince her to give him immortality but his plan was not to be.

The young witch cursed Black Jack into spending eternity in a place beyond time and space continuously growing old but never dying. Black Jack and his pirate crew only have an opportunity to come into physical existance in fair port cities, such as San Francisco, only when the mystical fog rolls in, where they prey on and lure young women and attack them.

In 2004, Black Jack sought the Fountain of Youth which would lift the curse. He then transfers the curse to Paige, so Phoebe and Piper must break into a museum to steal the golden chalice, which makes the Fountain of Youth come to life.

His first mate was Reznor who in the end killed him for not following Parlay, the Pirate's Code..... Reznor seemed relieved to do so, stating that the pirates fate was a a fate worse than death and afterwards thanking Phoebe for getting him to do so. Killing Black Jack caused all the rest of the pirates to turn to dust too.


Parlay is part of the pirate's code that allows a captured party the right to be taken to a ship's captain unharmed. If an adversary demands parlay, he can not be harmed until the parlay is complete. Phoebe demanded parlay, it wasn't given fairly by Black Jack so in turn Reznor killed him.

There is no such thing as a universal pirate's code book. Every ship had their own rules, most of which have been set by the person who mutinied the crew in the first place (and was frequently elected Captain). Usually they have the following in common:

How shares were to be divided
How weapons were to be kept
What was to happen to crewmembers who violated the rights of other crewmembers...whatever those rights happened to be (theft, in-fighting, etc.)
What was to happen to "cowards in battle"



Black Jack Cutting appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 7