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A photo studio located in San Francisco, Chadwick Photo served as the demon Vaklav's lair where he stored a canvas containing images of his victims that he captured using a magical camera.

Quick Facts[]

City: San Francisco
State: California
Country: United States of America

J.D.'s Release[]

In 2005, Vaklav released a future Whitelighter, J.D. Williams in order to kill him to make room for another portrait on his canvas. J.D. managed to escape before Vaklav could kill him and used a sleeper hold on the demon, causing him to briefly slumber. J.D. was then hit by a car outside the studio, stunned by how much things have changed.

Sam and Paige Search the Studio[]

After learning of J.D.'s release, Sam Wilder and Paige Matthews discovered the studio after talking to the father of one of Vaklav's victims. In the studio, they were unable to find anything but Sam was able to sense great pain when he stood near a chest of drawers, great pain emitted from all the innocent future Whitelighters Vaklav had captured.

Sam is Captured[]

Paige and Sam had an argument in the studio and she stormed out leaving Sam alone. The door opened and Sam thought it was Paige returning, but it was Vaklav. He conjured his camera and took a photo of Sam, trapping him on the canvas.

Vaklav Attacks Paige[]

Paige returned to the studio in search of Sam but instead, Vaklav was waiting for her. He punched Paige in the face, knocking her to the ground and demanded that she bring him J.D. in exchange for Sam.

J.D. is Killed[]

Hearing Paige and her sisters discuss the proposition Vaklav made, J.D. went back to the studio where Vaklav appeared and launched a ball of flames at J.D., killing him.