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A magical charm used to instill confidence in a meek individual or a person with low self-confidence, the Charm of Confidence is not to be confused with a Charm of Courage. Although the Charm of Confidence bestows self-esteem upon an individual, it does not render bravery upon them. Charms and potions to imbue bravery or courage upon someone do not exist in the magical world, their is no magical solution for a lack of courage.[1]

Piper Halliwell Uses the Charm[]

While employed at Quake in San Francisco, California, Piper Halliwell grew tired of constantly having to cover for her co-worker Doug who insessantly fumbled around the restaurant dropping dishes and other such things due to being distracted by his former girlfriend who also worked at Quake. Fed up with having to freeze the scene and pick up after Doug, Piper went to the Attic of Halliwell Manor where she found the Charm of Confidence in the Book of Shadows. She gathered the necessary ingredients and cast the charm upon Doug. Once cast, Doug became extremely confident to a point of confidence that Piper didn't agree with. After which, she reveresed the Charm.

The Charm[]

The exact entry in the Book of Shadows was never seen and the ingredients were never mentioned.


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