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The entry in the Book

A powerful charm found within the Halliwell Family's Book of Shadows that allows a witch to multiply her strength by Three. Not only does the charm multiply the witch's strength but it multiplies her physical body seperating her into three distinct individuals, somewhat like clones, with the exact same physical characteristics and wiccan powers but with different personalities.

Prue Halliwell Multiplies Her Strength[]

In 1998, when faced by a powerful Lord of War known as Gabriel Statler, Prue Halliwell used this charm in hopes of multiplying her strength to a point that would allow her to seperate Gabriel from his Crystal Sword just as her ancestor, Brianna Warren, did centuries ago when faced by Gabriel.

With the Book of Shadows open to the Charm aloft the floor of the Attic of Halliwell Manor,


Prue knelt beside the Book with a circle of candles lit and recited the words of the spell. Upon completion, two Prues appeared next to her; one very conservative Prue and one very sensual, extroverted Prue.

With her strength now multiplied, the three Prues displayed immense strength when they used their Telekinetic power to lift a large marble statue without any tripidation. Although, the three Prues would presumably have had the power to overcome Gabriel and separate him from his sword, their personalities and unwillingness to work together led to the demise of the clones. However, Prue, with the help of her sisters Piper and Phoebe, managed to defeat Gabriel.

The Charm[]

To multiple your Strength,
Recite these words at length
Take my powers
Blessed Be,
Multiple their
Strength by