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Released on September 23, 2003 in North America and on the 29 in the United Kingdom, Charmed: The Soundtrack is a musical album featuring songs both from and inspired by the "Charmed" television series. The release date coincided with the season premiere of season 6 of the series. The album serves as the first of three soundtracks that were released.


The album was produced by Jonathan Platt, Jonathan Miller, the President of Artists' Addiction Records, and Ken Miller, the Senior Vice President of Spelling Television. Platt said of the series' chronology of soundtrack albums:

"Charmed is an amazing show which showcases some of the hottest and cutting edge music. It gives us a great opportunity to release a soundtrack to a long running successful show."

A selection of the songs appeared in the opening sequence following the opening credits of each episode while others appeared at different times throughout various episodes. A few of the songs featured on the album are by musicians and bands that appeared on the series at P3.

Track Listing[]

  1. "20th Century Fox Fanfare (Low Tone)" — David Newman
  2. "Hot" — Smash Mouth
  3. "Danger" — Third Eye Blind
  4. "Strict Machine" — Goldfrapp
  5. "Maybe Tomorrow" — Stereophonics
  6. "Rinse" — Vanessa Carlton
  7. "I Can't Take It" — Andy Stochansky
  8. "Worn Me Down" — Rachael Yamagata
  9. "Do You Realize??" — The Flaming Lips
  10. "New Favorite Things" — Balligomingo featuring Lucy Woodward
  11. "Rainbow in the Sky" — Ziggy Marley
  12. "The Finer Things" — Steve Winwood
  13. "How Soon Is Now?" — Love Spit Love


  • The album cover features a publicity still of the cast that was taken for the fifth season.