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Since the series inception, many authors have written novels based on the Charmed series. Only one of these novels was written by the show's creator Constance M. Burge. Though the basic outline of each novel is approved by the series producer, the books follow no strict continuity with each other thus their canon is debateable at best.

Novels featuring Prue, Piper & Phoebe[]

Image Title Author Summary Corresponding Season
The Power of Three
(November 1, 1999)
Constance M. Burge
The Charmed Ones are born when Phoebe reads an incantation from the family Book of Shadows. A novelised version of the series premier, "Something Wicca This Way Comes", despite some discrepancies between the novel and the episode.
Season 1
Kiss of Darkness
(February 1, 2000)
Belinda Alexandra
A kiss can be a deadly thing for Prue.
Season 1
The Crimson Spell
(April 1, 2000)
F. Goldsborough
Prue, Piper, and Phoebe find that they are losing their powers.
Season 1
Whispers from the Past
(June 1, 2000)
Rosalind Noonan
Phoebe gets pulled into the past and meets Melinda Warren's daughter Prudence.
Season 1
Voodoo Moon
(August 1, 2000)
Wendy Staub
The Halliwells are on vacation, but what is a Charmed One's vacation if it isn't a working one?
Season 2
Haunted by Desire
(October 3, 2000)
Cameron Dokey
Phoebe Halliwell meets an awesome guy when taking a college course, but she starts receiving threatening notes.
Season 2
The Gypsy Enchantment
(April 2, 2001)
Carla Jablonski
Prue has to do a photo assignment at the circus, which she hates. Meanwhile, Phoebe has a vision of Piper - being strangled by a handsome stranger!
Season 2?
The Legacy of Merlin
The Legacy of Merlin
(April 3, 2001)
Eloise Flood
Prue gets a summer trip to England in the heart of King Arthur country.
Season 3
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Soul of the Bride
(May 22, 2001)
Elizabeth Lenhard
Prue accidentally makes the models in her photo collapse, which sends the Charmed Ones to Hades and face-to-face with a Greek god.
Season 3
Beware What You Wish
Beware What You Wish
(July 31, 2001)
Diana G. Gallagher
Phoebe learns that she should not wish to know more about problems that occur because her power of premonition goes hay-wire.
Season 3

Novels featuring Piper, Phoebe & Paige[]

Image Title Author Summary Corresponding Season
CharmedAgain novel Charmed Again Elizabeth Lenhard Piper and Phoebe find a replacement for their dead sister, Prue, in the form of a newly discovered half-sister named Paige Matthews. Season 4
43930899 Spirit of the Wolf Diana G. Gallagher At a remote resort trouble begins, as Phoebe and Paige arrive for some sisterly bonding. Season 4
0689850778.01.LZZZZZZZ Garden of Evil Emma Harrison Paige finds who she thinks is the perfect man, but he seems to not want to let her leave. Season 4
Date With Death Date With Death Elizabeth Lenhard With her sisters with their men, Paige signs up for an online dating program. Season 4
Dark Vengeance Dark Vengeance Diana G. Gallagher The Charmed Ones each meet a person with an evil intention of revenge that goes back centuries. Season 4
Shadow of the sphinx Shadow of the Sphinx Carla Jablonski Paige turns herself into a cat and is catapulted into ancient Egypt. Season 4
Book 17 - Something Wiccan This Way Comes Something Wiccan This Way Comes Emma Harrison Paige wants to get in touch with her inner Wiccan, and someone is killing Wiccan practitioners. Season 4
Mist and stone Mist and Stone Diana G. Gallagher Paige tries to help a boy who seems to be made of stone, but his destiny does not seem to be set in it. Season 4
Mirror image Mirror Image Jeff Mariotte Paige wants to have a life outside of her duties, and her sisters are acting strange around her. Season 4
N59230 Between Worlds Bobbi J.G. Weiss, Jacklyn Wilson Halloween has come and with it the usual hijinxs, including buildings that are melting. Season 4
T&C Truth and Consequences Cameron Dokey Phoebe goes missing and a mortal Cole Turner goes into the underworld to rescue her from a demon. Season 4
Luck Be a Lady Luck Be A Lady Scott Ciencin Cole thought he was helping his ex-wife, but it turns out he accidentally sent Phoebe, her sisters, and himself into World War II era. This isn't helpful, especially since they don't know how to get back. Season 5
22-books-inherit-the-witch Inherit the Witch Laura J. Burns The Charmed Ones help the last of a witch clan find the missing powers to one of their witches. Season 5
Books-tale-of-two-pipers A Tale of Two Pipers Emma Harrison Sometimes two Pipers are not better than one. Season 5
TheBrewingStorm Novel Cover The Brewing Storm Paul Ruditis The Charmed Ones need to perform a ritual by gathering the elements on a certain night. Season 5
Survival of the Fittest Cover Survival of the Fittest Jeff Mariotte People are going missing everywhere and the sisters need to start by figuring out if there is something supernatural involved. Season 5
Pied Piper Cover Pied Piper Debbie Viguié When weird things start happening to the sisters a demon might be involved. Post Season 5
Mystic Knoll Cover Mystic Knoll Diana G. Gallagher The sisters decide to stay at an inn when on vacation, and the innkeepers are not exactly normal. Season 6
Changeling Places Cover Changeling Places Micol Ostow Babies are being switched all over town with exact replicas, including Wyatt Halliwell. Season 6
51WMWBF3KCL. SS500 The Queen's Curse Emma Harrison Paige meets her Prince Charming; the thing is, he really is a Prince and he's already engaged. Season 6
Picture Perfect Cover Picture Perfect Cameron Dokey Phoebe visits the opening of a building from the 1920s. Season 6
Demon Doppelgangers Cover Demon Doppelgangers Greg Elliot While Paige is working at a museum, one of the exhibits, an ancient "dragon's egg", hatches, releasing a hydra demon. Season 6
Hurricane Hex Hurricane Hex Diana G. Gallagher While on vacation, the sister's find their hostess is practicing folk magic. Season 6
As Puck Would Have It As Puck Would Have It Paul Ruditis The mythological trouble-maker Puck is causing havoc, and the Charmed Ones need to find an unknown Innocent. Season 6
11593354 Sweet Talkin' Demon Laura J. Burns Phoebe has met the perfect guy, but he seems to be a puppet for evil. Question is, who is pulling the strings? Season 7
Light of the world Light of the World Scott Ciencin Piper and Phoebe's old childhood friend is getting married. Season 7
House of Shards House of Shards Micol Ostow The Halliwell Manor turns on the sisters, and they need to figure out what is happening before their home vanquishes them. Season 7
Phoebe Who (novel cover) Phoebe Who? Emma Harrison Phoebe is having trouble remembering who she is. Season 7
High Spirits (novel cover) High Spirits Scott Ciencin The sisters visit Hollywood for a party hosted by Paige's old flame, who happens to live in a haunted house. Season 7
Books-leo-rising Leo Rising
(August 28, 2007)
Paul Ruditis Leo calls a spell from the Book of Shadows that calls the future Wyatt and Chris to the present, to get his wife and her sisters back from an evil scientist working for Zankou. Season 7
Trickery Treat
(January 1, 2008)
Diana G. Gallagher A vengeful ghost has some unfinished business with a female Ghost Hunter on Halloween. Can the Charmed Ones protect their innocent? Post Season 8

Other Books[]

Image Title Author Summary
Seasons of The Witch Vol1 Book Cover Seasons of the Witch Vol. 1
(September 6), 2004)
Laura J. Burns, Emma Harrison Three seasons for three sister witches. Samhain, Yule, and Imbolc.
The Warren Witches The Warren Witches
(May 31, 2005)

A collection of short stories that had never been told about the Warren-Halliwell line.


Totally Charmed(book)

(October 11, 2005)

Charmed - The Book of Love Spells

(September 7, 2004)

The Book of Three, Vol.2


Triquetra: The Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to Charmed