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Chit Chat This and That
Chit Chat ThisThat
Phoebe Halliwell with Nina Halter
Show Information
Temporary Host Phoebe Halliwell
Creator Jason Dean
Filming Location San Francisco

Chit Chat This and That was a talk show in which Phoebe Halliwell was a guest-host for one week in 2004. This was the result of Jason Dean thinking it would be good publicity for her, her Ask Phoebe column and The Bay Mirror. She interviews Nina Halter, author of the book "The Five Minute Orgasm" - a book about having an orgasm for five minutes (Phoebe mistakes it as meaning having an orgasm in five minutes, which she comments why so short).

While watching the show back at the Manor, the vortex minion Gith attacked Piper and the television was sucked into a portal along with other furniture.

In the alternate reality that Gith created, Phoebe was no longer the guest-host of this show but was rather the host of her own Ask Phoebe talk show.