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Piper Halliwell is cocooned by the Spider Demon

A form of Preservation used by Spider Demons to protect their targets before feeding, Cocooning stems from the ability to shoot webs from the hands. The cocoon created from the webs is impenetrable and impervious to destruction and disturbance and is unbreakable by any form of magic. The Spider Demon is the only one who can uncocoon her target.

Piper Halliwell is Cocooned[]

After emerging from her lair after one hundred years in 2004, a Spider Demon sensed that Charmed One Piper Halliwell was the strongest magical being around and set to capture and feed on her before returning to her slumber for another hundred years. But when she tried to capture Piper, she was thwarted by Paige Matthews and Christopher Halliwell, but during the attack, she managed to scratch Christopher, infecting him and ultimately leading to his transformation into a Spider Demon.

With Christopher infected, the Spider Demon attacked again at Halliwell Manor where she cocooned Piper, hanging her from the ceiling. But Paige and Phoebe prevented the demon from escaping with Piper. Leo Wyatt explained that the demon cocooned Piper in order to preserve her. While plotting her attack to capture Piper, the demon feed on what was left of a Wizard known as Rathmere that she captured in 1904, who was encased in a cocoon from the neck down.

The sisters managed to vanquish the Spider Demon, free Piper from the cocoon and give Christopher an antidote that undid the transformation.