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Cole's Demonic Organization
Cole with Dane, Malick (on knees) and Unknown Demons
Group Information
  • Dane
  • Malick
  • Raim
  • 6 Other Unknown Demons
Magical Characteristics
Species Demons
Level Upper
  • Fire Balls
  • Energy Balls
  • Holograms (Dane Only)
  • Shimmering
  • Flaming

After receiving the Source of All Evil's powers, thanks to the Seer, Cole Turner organized a group of the strongest Upper-Level demons in order to take out paragons of Good, such as Greg Conroy. Not much is known of the other demons that comprised this organization of evil beings except that they are Upper-Level and that they are the Source's most valuable, respected and strongest demons.

During a dark ceremony at his apartment, Cole was attempting to initiate and bestow powers upon Malick who was part of the demonic organization but Phoebe Halliwell interrupted, telling Cole to come to bed.

Cole and Demons 2 Vanquish

Phoebe vanquishes a Demon

Two unknown demons stepped forward and were going to do something about Phoebe but she directed her hand toward them and shot a stream of flames at them causing them to burst into flames. The other demons then shimmered out.

The next day, Cole was holding a meeting with the demons, lead by second in line to become the Source if something happened to Cole, Dane, the son of Goath. Dane was the most valuable and revered of the group because of his allegiance to the Source. At the meeting, Dane was assigning demons to attack the paragons of Good when Malick and unknown demon began to argue about who was going to attack the victim and about their turfs but Cole reminded them, that it is all his territory, not theirs. Cole then assigned Malick to the victim - Greg Conroy. Phoebe interrupted the meeting yet again and the group of demons seemed frightened that she would vanquish more of them. Cole then reminded Phoebe who's side she is supposed to be on, after which she apologized to the demons for vanquishing two of the organizations ranks. When she went to put her hands on Malick's shoulders, she received a premonition of Malick attacking Greg Conroy.

Cole Malick1

Cole vanquishes Malick

Phoebe then alerted her sisters and Leo of the premonition and impending attack which they then went to thwart. But instead of vanquishing Malick, Phoebe told him to leave Greg alone and told him to get out of there. Malick then reported back to the Source, who was with Dane at the time, and told him of the situation. Not trusting that Malick would keep the incident secret, and in fear of mutiny amongst the him and the demons and the possibility that if the other demons found out what happened they would try to overthrow him and Phoebe, he destroyed Malick. Cole allowed Dane to live out of trust that he would keep the secret.


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