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Cryto, also known as the Demon of Vanity, was a powerful evil being who preyed on a victim's desire to be young and beautiful, offering them what they desired in exchange for their Soul.


During the 1500s, the Demon of Vanity would travel from dukedom to dukedom bestowing youth and beauty on those who were willing to give up their souls, which he would do with his power of retrokinesis. Cryto would reverse the aging process of an innocent rendering a younger version of him or herself. It is unknown what exactly Cryto would do with the victim's soul but it is possible the soul gave him a fix of energy. Cryto also had the ability to accelerate the aging process which would cause a victim to either age in time or turn into nothing more but a pile of ash.

Cryto wad found out and as punishment for his heinous crimes againat humanity, he was skinned alive and banished by a trio of witches who believed the skinning would prevent any future resurrection if the evil demon.

Gail, Helen and Amanda Resurrect Cryto[]

Creating His Skin[]

Initial Encounter with Cryto[]

Imbuing Cryto with the Charmed Ones' Powers[]

Cryto Uses His Power on Gail[]

The Halliwell Sisters Confront Him[]

Cryto is Tricked and Vanquished[]

The Book of Shadows[]