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Cupid's Harrow1

The main cover created by David Seidman

Cupid's Harrow is the second comic in Volume Three of the Charmed Comics series. It is the fourteenth comic book overall in the comic books series created by Zenescope Entertainment.

Writing and Design[]

Cover By: David Seidman
Creator: Paul Ruditis
Writer: Paul Ruditis
Artist: Dean Kotz
Colorist: Michael Spicer
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Editor: Ralph Tedesco
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Date of Release: September 28, 2011 (tentative date)

Quick Summary[]

Coop is on one of the toughest assignments a Cupid can accept and this time it comes with unexpected consequences. When Phoebe sees her husband plagued with questions about the family he never met, she tries to help by researching his past unaware that a mysterious force works against her. As she tries to orchestrate a reunion centuries in the making, she could wind up tearing a family apart. will cole come across we wont know until the end [1]





Alternate Cover[]

In addition to the main cover featured above, an alternate cover has been created:

Unlettered Pages[]


  • The title "Cupid's Harrow" comes from the term "Cupid's Arrow". "Harrow" is archaic English meaning "distress" or "plunder". The title "Cupid's Harrow" refers to Coop's dilemma or distress.


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