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Cupid's Temple
The Exterior of the Temple
Location Information
Proper Name Cupid's Temple
Location Cupid's Plane - Above Italy

Ethereal, divine and romantic beyond imagination, Cupid's Temple is situated on Cupid's plane of existence parallel to our physical plane directly located above the coast of Italy overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Serving as the Genesis of Love, the Temple is home to Cupids, Messenger Cherubs and hybrids of Cupids and Witches. The temple is only accessible by Cupids and those accompanied by a Cupid.

Location and Appearance

Cupid Temple1

The coastline of Italy

Hovering on a fluffy pink cloud the Temple is visible only to Cupids and adorned with ceiling high pillars, pink drapes, roses and a Golden fountain with rose petals floating atop the surface of the water. There is a place for lovers to retreat and relax - a swing decorated with pink bows and roses galore.

Purpose of the Temple

Cupid Temple0

Cupids reside and relax in the Temple when not on duty and also travel to the Temple to gain information about their charges, similar to how Whitelighters go Up There to discuss their charges and magical threats with the Elders. The Cupid would ask questions about his/her charge and the answer is usually delivered by a Cherub; they can find out whether or not two individuals are in love and if that love is eternal. They can also determine if a couple is fated to be together for eternity.

Phoebe Halliwell and Coop


Phoebe & Coop in the Temple

Coop, a Cupid, took Phoebe Halliwell to the temple to propose after they dated for a few months. It's most likely that it was the first time Phoebe ever visited the temple, because Coop mentioned that he was nervous and thought that taking Phoebe to the temple might help.

In 2008, Phoebe and her husband Coop celebrate their second wedding anniversary in Cupid's Temple. In the temple, they are served by a Messenger Cherub. Coop mentioned that there are trainees studying to be Cupids and Messengers of Love at the temple. Phoebe said that Cupid's Temple is her favorite view of Italian Coastline.

Mika and Cal Greene

Coop called in a favor for Phoebe after she learned that her friend Mika was dating Cal Greene - the man she had a future premonition of killing in 2009 10 years ago. Coop asked questions about Mika and Cal and if their love for each other was pure and if it was destined to be. The answer he received was that the two were in fact in love but the weren't fated to be together forever. He then told Phoebe that she could intervene and break them up without altering their entwined fates.


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