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Bestowed with the responsibility to guide and protect Witches, Danny was a Whitelighter assigned to watch over the Charmed Ones, Piper, Phoebe and Paige after Leo Wyatt was removed as their Whitelighter due to suspicion by the Elders that he was responsible for the killing of fellow Elder, Zola.

Quick Facts[]

Species: Whitelighter
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Portrayed By: T.J. Thyne

Leo Reveals the Sisters Have a New Whitelighter[]

The Charmed Ones were at home in Halliwell Manor when Leo arrived to inform tthat they were going to be assigned a new Whitelighter who would arrive the following morning. Leo explained to the sisters that the Elders felt he was responsible for the death of Zola and that they felt the sisters needed a new Whitelighter.

The sisters were hesitant to accept a new Whitelighter, questioning the Elders decision, but they had little say, the Elders made the final decision.

Meditating in the Park[]


Hovering above a fountain in a park in the middle of the night, Danny had his eyes closed and concentration when Leo appeared and asked his what he was doing and told the Whitelighter that he should be more careful because someone could see him. But the Whitelighter responded with a cocky tone telling Leo that there was no one around and that he would be able to sense if anyone was approaching him.

Leo told him that he didn't sense him, but he just responded saying that Leo is an Elder and brought up Zola's killing, impling that Leo was responsible. Leo then orbed away leaving the man to his meditation.

Attacked by the Beasts[]


As he continued meditating he was bothered by rustling in the bushes, and he looked over and three beasts emerged and lunged at him. The beasts then began to maul at the Whitelighter, leaving him for dead.

Healed by the Whitelighters[]

The Elders found the Whitelighter and brought him to Magic School, where Odin and other Elders began to heal the wounded man. Leo orbed in and asked what happened and Odin implied that Leo was responsible because he was the last one to see the Whitelighter before the attack.

Catching the Attacker[]

To catch his attacker, the Charmed Ones devised a plan that required using another Whitelighter as bait to see if the attacked would emerge again, not realizing that they were the ones who attacked, due to a transformation brought about by the Blue Moon.