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Demonic Healers are a race of demons that live in the underworld who heal other demons who have been wounded. They are the evil equivalent of a Whitelighter however they do not have the power to heal but instead use several herbal remedies.

A Demonic Healer has been shown to help cure some Upper-Level Demons such as the Siren after she is impaled with a pole by Paige and Barbas after he is injured by Leo due to his involvement with Gideon in the plot to kill Wyatt. After being treated by the healer, Barbas sees an Avatars floating head urging him to go after baby Chris. The healer who cannot see the head believes that the wound has made him delusional and is vanquished by Barbas with an energy ball in frustration.

Powers and Abilities[]

Despite not having any physical powers that can be used offensively demonic healers have been shown to possess passive powers such as potion making. This allows them to create several of their remedies that help to aid other demons. When healing the Siren the healer was able to tell that the attack was by a Charmed One suggesting that he has either sensing or enhanced Senses and after being attacked by Cole and saved by the siren he quickly leaves with a form of fading teleportation.