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Characterized by immense stature, the Demonic Market Guide was a large demonic being of an unknown breed who guided Paige Matthews through the Demonic Market to the Hawker Demon and the lair of the Parasite Demons.

Quick Facts[]

Breed: Demon
Species: Unknown
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Olive-tan

Encounter With Paige Matthews[]

After Piper Halliwell gave birth to her son Wyatt Matthew, numerous demonic beings targeted the young baby because he was prophesied to be one of the most powerful magical beings in existence. One of these demons was the Hawker Demon who plotted to capture the baby and sell him in his booth in the Demonic Market; interested buyers were the Parasites, who were in search of a never endering supply of magic that would return them to their former state of power.

After Paige Matthews learned who was responsible for targeting the child, she disguised herself as a demon in a platinum blonde wig and skin tight blue leather dress. She proceeded to the entrance of the Market where two Demonic Guards stood demanding a password before she entered. She killed one of the guards with an athame and was granted access.

When she entered the Market, the Demonic Market Guide, name unknown, escorted her through the twists and turns and roads of the Market to the Hawker Demon and the Parasites. In order to get the guide's help she flirted with the demon but when Paige reached her destination, the guide sought payment of a physical nature and reached to grab Paige but she quickly orbed a Fire Ball from a near by demon and threw it at the guide, destroying him, saying that he got a bit too grabby.