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Piper: "Huh? What? That guy? But he's so hot."
Phoebe: "Yeah, hot as in flames of hell hot. I had a premonition, he devours his victims, I'm next, freeze the room." - Phoebe informs Piper her date is a demon that devours his victims

Extremely uncommon in the magical world, Devouring is the ability to retract the mouth wide enough to swallow a being. Once devoured, the being is trapped within the stomach of the creature with the ability. The ability was only encountered three times by the Charmed Ones.


A hellspawn demon and soul collector, Masselin was encountered by the Halliwell sisters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell after a music manager was convinced to hire his band Dishwalla to play at the sisters' club, P3. The manager made a deal with Masselin offering the demon victims in exchange for wealth and success.

At a club played previously by the band, Masselin devoured three women brought to him by the manager, Once devoured the women were trapped in the stomach of the demon but Masselin was discovered by Phoebe at P3 after it devoured Jenny Gordon . Phoebe then created a potion that released the women from Masselin and destroyed the demon.

The Wolf[]

Conjured from the Fairy Tale "Little Red Riding Hood" by the Wicked Witch from "Snow White", the Wolf was sent to Halliwell Manor by the evil witch in a plot to destroy the Charmed Ones. At the Manor, the wolf first devoured Penny Halliwell and took on her identity. Afterwhich, it lured Piper into the Attic and devoured her as well. But Piper managed to blow the wolf up from within, destroying it and freeing her and her grandmother, Penny.


  • In 2003, while on a date with a man, Phoebe had a Premonition of the man devouring her. She went to her sister Piper and had her freeze everyone in the room except the demon. Piper then blew him up.