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Large, rare reptilian creatures, Dragons are fire-breathing mythical beings that can fly and destroy anything in their path with a simple breath of fire. Characterized by immense crocodile, alligator-like lower bodies and limbs, long torsos and elongated faces, Dragons do not discriminate against victims and are not known to launch specific attacks on living creatures; they destroy and set aflame anything that grabs their attention, living or non-living.

The Dragon Warlock[]

Long ago, a Dragon and a Sorceress spawned an offspring that was entirely evil known as the Dragon Warlock.[1] The warlock was born with the power to breath fire like his father, he had the power of Flight and the strength of one hundred men. In 2000, the Dragon Warlock was recruited by the Infernal Council to work with a Genie in order to destroy the Charmed Ones. The Dragon Warlock was soon conquered by the Halliwell sisters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe, but not before successfully killing Prue. However, the Charmed Ones were able to get the Genie to double cross the Dragon Warlock and wished Prue alive again. Reunited, the sisters cast the Power of Three Spell, vanquishing the Dragon Warlock.

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell[]

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell, the son of Charmed One Piper Halliwell and her husband Leo Wyatt once conjured a dragon while watching a television show featuring dragons.[2] After the dragon was conjured into the backyard of Halliwell Manor, the home of the Charmed Ones, it flew away and started wreaking havoc on the city of San Francisco. The dragon wrecked so much havoc on the city causing magic to be exposed, thus the Cleaners, magical beings responsible for cleaning up magical exposure, were sent to clean up the exposure and alter reality to the point of taking Wyatt away from his parents. They rewrote the Charmed Ones' lives making them forget about Wyatt and his entire existance. The Charmed Ones' remembered Wyatt and cast a spell to find out what happened and then relived the events leading up to the Cleaners taking Wyatt away from them. The sisters then discovered Wyatt conjured a dragon and they quickly acted having Wyatt send the dragon back into the television show.


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