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Drake dè Mon
Drake De Mon1.0MB
Biological and Physical Attributes
Date of Birth
  • Unknown
Place of Birth
  • Eternal Flames of Haydes
  • }Male
Hair Color
  • Brown
Eye Color
  • Blue
Skin Color
  • White
Body Type
  • Medium build
Current Status
  • Spirit
  • Knowledgeable of the Arts & Literature
  • Knowledgeable of Demons and Demonic Nature
  • Light-Hearted
  • Strong Willed
  • Devoted to the Greater Good
  • Artistic
Magical Characteristics
Active Powers
  • Julliard College of the Performing Arts
  • Literature Professor, Ex-Demon, Former Salesman
Portrayed by:

Drake Dè Mon was a powerful Mercury Demon who, with help from Cole Turner, struck a deal with a sorcerer to make him human on the condition that he give up his immortality after a year of experiencing life with a human soul. To repay Cole for his help, Drake agreed to help Phoebe Halliwell renew her faith in love. He finally met her toward the end of his year as a human while applying to become Magic School's Literature Professor. The two became romantically involved, reminding Phoebe of her capacity to love, fulfilling his end of the deal with Cole before he died and ascended to the afterlife.

Early Life and History[]

Drake was a Mercury demon. He claims never to have killed an innocent in his entire demonic life saying he found ways around it. Little is known about his past. While he was still a demon, he went lair to lair in the Underworld selling copies of a book called, "Possessions, Confessions, And Ghostly Obsessions: A Demon's Guide To Everything Magical".

It is also revealed in his first appearance that he studied at Juilliard College for the Performing Arts; he performed on Broadway, and was writing a memoir about his life, none of which he did for more than a year. Other than these snippets, no great deal is known about him.

Artistic skills[]

His interest in humanity, which turned him good, came from a passion for the arts, e.g. Literature and music, making him a competitive candidate for the Literature Professor position at Magic School.


As a Mercury demon, he has the powers of teleportation, illusion casting, regeneration, conjuration and the ability to fire thermal blasts that can knock out and possibly kill ten demons at a time. Though the sorcerer made him human, he kept his powers, but was forbidden to use them for evil.


  • Drake is the fourth demon shown to be on the side of good while encountered by the Charmed Ones on the show, preceded by Cole Turner, the manticore baby, and Kyra.
  • His last name is a play on words for the word "Demon".
  • The name Dé Mon is similar to Jade DeMone from the episode The Wedding from Hell.
  • This is also similar to the fact both names are Demon when said together and quite fast.
  • Drake is a favorite amongst many Charmed fans.


Drake has appeared in a total of 4 episodes throughout the course of the series:

Season 7
  • Carpe Demon
  • Show Ghouls
  • The Seven Year Witch
Season 8
  • Generation Hex (in flashbacks)

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