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Piper as the Wendigo - One of a three magical beings that use Duplication

An extremely rare ability, Duplication allows a magical being to copy themself. Known breeds of magical beings that use Duplication are the Wendigo, Vampires and the Spider Demon.

Duplication V. Cloning[]

Unlike Cloning, which allows a being to create an exact double of themself, Duplication can pertain to a species of magical being where one member of the species creates another member of the species; Cloning only allows a being to replicate themself.

The Wendigo[]

"Beware being attacked by the Wendigo. He duplicates himself by attacking but not killing his prey." - The Book of Shadows explains the Wendigo's duplication process

One of the only magical beings bestowed with the power of Duplication, the Wendigo is a werewolf-like beast that feeds on humans and duplicates itself by slashing or scratching a victim rather than killing them. Once scratched or wounded by a Wendigo, a person will slowly develop flu-like symptoms and become agitated. Then on a nights of the full moon, will transform into the Wendigo and hunt for prey.


These immortal creatures of the night that feed on human blood duplicate their species by biting a victim, sucking a small amount of their blood and then guiding the victim to make a first kill permanently sealing the conversion and duplication process. The duplication process become void if the siring Vampire is destroyed before the first kill is made.

The Spider Demon[]

A creature that emerges from its lair once every hundred years in search of the most powerful magical being it can find in order to feed on their magic, duplicates itself in a manner similar to the Vampires' method of Duplication. But the Spider Demon duplicates her species by scratching a victim rather than biting them. The victim then begins to exhibit the characteristics of its sire ultimately transforming into a Spider Demon. The duplication process is permanent unless the victim imbibes a special antidote containing the blood of The Power of Three.