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Listening into the chatter and conversations of both magical beings and innocents is an ability several magical beings wish they possessed so they could discover what their foes were plotting but very few possess the ability to actual do so, Eavesdropping is the magical power allowing a being to listen in to conversations.

The Monkey Totem[]

Created by Sorcerer Kheel centuries ago, the Monkey Totem was once a simian that had the ability to steal the senses of living beings. But because the Sorcerer was a cruel taskmaster, the simian turned on him and stole his scolding voice. As punishment for his actions, the Sorcerer transformed the simian into a magical totem that still retains the ability to steal the senses of targets.

The Crone attempted to gain knowledge of the future by capturing Wyatt Halliwell, the child of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt and in order to do so, she used the Totem to steal the senses of the sisters, stealing Piper's sight, Phoebe's hearing and Paige's voice. She was then able to use the Totem to Eavesdrop on the sisters in order to learn the perfect moment to go to Halliwell Manor and carry out her plan. With her hands placed on the Totem as she held it to her ear, she heard the goings on at the Manor.