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Preying on victims by amplifying their fears, Elkin was a low-level demonic being that served the demon Haas.

Quick Facts[]

Species: Demon
Level: Low
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: White
Notable Powers: Fear Amplification, Fire Balls

Working With Haas[]

Elkin was part of a group of demons led by Haas, an upper-level demon who moonlighted in the physical world as a real estate agent. When he went back to the lair where the group was after doing some eavesdropping at the Halliwell Manor during the memorial service for the sisters and concluded that the Charmed Ones were indeed dead, the group celebrated the fact that with Zankou and all those that followed him dead along with the three Charmed sisters they were now free to wreak havoc on the mortals as they so wished.

Haas, however, reminded them that that freedom only lasted until the next demon that came to power, explaining that he hoped to preempt this by taking the Manor over from Victor Bennett's estate after killing the man.

Encounter With Paige and Billie[]

Elkin's first move with this newfound freedom was to go into a movie theater and use his power to amplify a shocked viewer's fear to the point of literally scaring him to death. He found himself confronted twice; first by a whitelighter that orbed in after hearing a call from the Elders, who unbeknownst to him was a glamoured Paige Matthews, and a mysterious woman, Billie Jenkins, in an all-black disguise. The ensuing fights disrupted the moviegoers, who tried to shush them without realizing what was going on, before seeing smoke in multiple places and evacuating the building.

Elkin Returns to Haas' Lair[]

Elkin returned to the lair, where he found himself mocked by Paul Haas for "getring his ass kicked by one lousy witch", then defended himself by saying he could've easily killed the woman if he wasn't worried about exposure. Haas deduced that from what he was saying, she wasn't as concerned; he confirmed this by adding that he wasn't sure she was a witch because of it. When Haas questioned this ("Well, what could she have been? An usher?"), Elkin briefly lost his cool, before recollecting himself and promising that he'd be ready next time "whoever she was" tracked him. Haas, not comfortable with both a witch and a whitelighter on his tail, decided to kill Victor at night while Wyatt and Chris Halliwell were sleeping.


As Victor was getting the boys to bed, Elkin, Paul, and another demon teleported into the living room and waited for him to come down; however, just as he did so, the mysterious woman came again, promptly vanquished the third partner, and used her acrobatic abilities to dodge Elkin's fireballs and get to him before stabbing and vanquishing him.