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Powerful and destructive, Energy Blast is the ability to generate a blast of Energy powerful enough to kill at least 5 people all at once. Often activated through the raising of the hands in the direction of the intended target or targets, the power causes the hands to glow and release a powerful blast at the target, causing them to disintegrate into oblivion.

Quick Facts[]

Alignment: Good
Use: The destruction of Evil threats
Method: Raise both hands at intended target while concentrating.
Possessed By: Wyatt Matthew Halliwell
Temporarily by Leo Wyatt as an Avatar

Wyatt Halliwell[]

The son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, Wyatt Matthew Halliwell acquires the power of Energy Blast, accessed through his projection ability.

Vicus' Minions[]

[[File:WyattAdMol2.jpg|thumb|180px|The minions' disintegrate after being blast by a lot of energy .

When Wyatt was accidently summoned to the present from the future by Piper in 2005 in order to discover why her son was talking to himself and shying away from conversation with other children, a powerful demon known as Vicus used the opportunity to witness Wyatt turn evil in front of his eyes. Vicus targeted young Wyatt in order to place a curse on him rendering him evil in the future and to successfully do so, he sent various minions to keep the Charmed Ones preoccupied. When the demons attacked the sisters, Wyatt used the power of Energy Blast, successfully eliminating the group of minions in one swift blast.

Leo Wyatt[]

After he chose to become an Avatar he received a lot new power such as resurrection, fading, Energy blast and much more. In season 7 he used this power to vanquish some demons with Piper. He quoted and said that this power was part of the package meaning it came from him becoming an Avatar. When he became a mortal again he lost all of his powers.