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The demon Gith - one of a few magical beings that prey on a person's fantasies

Certain magical beings prey on the fantasies of witches and other living beings by casting spells to lower inhibitions so that their victims live out their fantasies, something that is often highly self-destructive. Some Demons can even create alternate worlds and realms fashioned according to a person's fantasies and inner desires through the use of Projection or an ability to fold the fabric of reality.

Bianca's Inhibition Spell[]

A Phoenix Witch named Bianca returned to 2003 from the future in order to retrieve Christopher Halliwell, the son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, and bring him back to the future under the direction of Christopher's brother, Wyatt. To distract the Charmed Ones she cast an inhibition spell from her mother's Grimoire causing the sisters' inhibitions to lower and act out on their fantasies.


A demon with the ability to create Vortexes that suck his victims into alternate realities and dimensions fashioned according to their Desires, Fantasies, Wishes and Dreams. If told a person’s desires, Gith can also create these pocket realms without the use of vortexes. Eventually within these realms, the Indulgence of the individual’s desires leads to their Self-Destruction. Gith feeds on the energy created by a person’s unfulfilled fantasies.

Christopher Halliwell once asked Gith to create worlds according to the Charmed Ones inner desires resulting in each sister being trapped within realities based on their fantasies.