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The ability to materialize and dematerialize in large flames of fire, Fire Teleportation is found amongst extremely high-level evil beings. The method of Teleportation is sometimes referred to as "Flaming".

Notable Beings Possessing the Power[]

Only a handful of magical beings have displayed the power of Fire Teleportation, the most notable are:

The Source of All Evil[]

The former leader of all things Evil, the Source of All Evil was an extremely vile demon with vast magical powers that used Fire Teleportation to travel from place to place. He first displayed the power in 2001 when he travelled from his lair in the Underworld to the real world in order to possess Shane, the boyfriend of Paige Matthews in an attempt to sway the young witch to the dark side.

Cole Turner later acquired the power when he became the Source of All Evil after absorbing the Hollow.

Phoebe Halliwell[]

While pregnant with the Source of All Evil's child, Phoebe Halliwell displayed the power of Fire Teleportation. She first displayed the power when she teleported to Halliwell Manor in order to ask her sisters for help to save Gregory Conroy. She then used the power again to teleport to the alley in order to help her sisters intervene in the attack on the man.


Incarcerated centuries ago, Zankou was a powerful demon imprisoned by the Source of All Evil. After Zankou was released in 2004, Zankou displayed many powers and among them was Fire Teleportation.