Tyler sets Ludlow ablaze
Magical Attributes
  • Firestarter
Active Powers
Emotional Triggers
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Frustration
  • Neutral
Notable Firestarters

A Firestarter is a very rare magical creature with the unique power of pyrokinesis which allows them to create fires or cause things to burst into flames with a simple thought and little bit of concentration.

Due to their unique power, The Source of All Evil covets Firestarters as his own personal bodyguards. The Source will often have Demonic Bounty Hunters track young Firestarters and then have them trained to use their power for evil by a powerful Upper-Leveldemon known as Ludlow at his Demonic Academy.

The power usually manifests in adolescence, in the form of headaches when they become particularly emotional, that result in things bursting into flames. ("Lost and Bound")

Charmed novelsEdit

A firestarter plays an essential role on the Night of Aeolus. Every century, when nature falls out of harmony, a firestarter is responsible to gather the other elementals in the Circle of Gaea and join their powers to restore order of nature by performing the Ritual of the Guardians. This comes from one of the Charmed novels: The Brewing Storm.

The Book of ShadowsEdit

After learning about Tyler, Paige brought him back to the Manor where Piper showed him an entry regarding the Firestarters. The entry read:


The FirestarterEdit

An extremely rare
and coveted magical
creature, usually a mortal. The power
is linked to their emotions. It first manifests
in adolescence with the onset of puberty.
If subjugated while still impressionable, they
can be persuaded to use their powers for evil.
Because of this, they are often trained to be
bodyguards of the Source.



The sisters talk to Tyler

  • Alex Black won a Young Artist Award in the category of "Best Performance in a Television Drama Series - Guest Starring" for his role.
  • Tyler, the Firestarter has made three more appearances in the Charmed Comics - "Innocents Lost", "Unnatural Resources" and "Where There's Smoke, There's a Firestarter".