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Flying through the sky like a bird, high above land looking at the earth below is a power people often dream of having, Flight is a magical ability that allows a being gifted with it to do just that, travelling hundreds of feet above land to any destination they please. Triggered merely by the desire to fly, the power is extremely rare in the magical community and is the most advanced form of another magical ability, Levitation.

The Dragon Warlock[]

Spawn of a dragon and Sorceress, the Dragon Warlock was an evil magical being with the powers to breathe fire and of Flight, inheritated from his dragon father.

Phoebe Halliwell[]

When the Dragon Warlock was forced to work with a Genie in a plot to kill the Charmed Ones, the Genie bestowed the warlock's power of flight on Phoebe Halliwell when she accidentally wished for an active power.

When she first acquired the power, she flew to the top of the Attic in Halliwell Manor and was unaware how to control the power, unable to get down, leo Wyatt used his power of Hovering to hover to Phoebe and brought her down to the floor. The Dragon stormed into the Manor demanding his power back, but Phoebe focused on the power and grabbed the evil being and flew in the sky atop San Francisco and dropped him in a park far away from the Manor.

The sisters managed to successfully vanquish the demon, after which the power was removed.


Large, reptilian creatures, Dragons possess wings that allow them to fly through the sky. When Wyatt Halliwell accidentally conjured a dragon from a television show, the Dragon flew through the skies of San Francisco spreading mayhem and chaos.


A Demon of an unknown breed that was hired to kidnap a young girl twenty years ago, Reinhardt was a caped demon that displayed the power of flight as he flew out the window of Billie Jenkin's bedroom when he kidnapped her sister. Reinhardt was destroyed by the Triad after being frozen in a contained by the Demonic Bounty Hunter Burke.

Other Magical Beings[]

Various other members of the Magical Community possess the power of flight, among them are:

  • Fairies: Small winged creatures that can only be seen by children and after the use of a spell display the power of flight.
  • Mariners: Sea Fairies that guide those travelling upon water to safety.
  • Imps: Similar to Gremlins, these winged red creatures would rather spread evil than mischief and are controlled by an Imp Master.