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Considered the Venice of America, Fort Lauderdale is a large city located in the state of Florida in United States of America on the Atlantic Ocean. Located twenty-three miles north of Miami, Fort Lauderdale is a popular yachting and tourist destination and has expansive, intricate canal systems reminiscent of Venice, Italy. As of 2010, Fort Lauderdale had a population of 165, 521 people.

The city features a Tropical Rainforest climate having average monthly temperatures of above 18.0 °C (64.4 °F) and has an average monthly rainfall of 2.36 inches. From May to August, average high temperatures range 30–32 °C (86–90 °F) and lows of 22–24 °C (71–76 °F). From November throught April, average high temperatures range 24–28 °C (75–82 °F) and lows of 15–19 °C (59–67 °F).

Margo Stillman Wants to Go to Fort Lauderdale[]

Margo Stillman, the sister of Mabel and Mitzy, who plotted to steal the powers and identities of the Charmed Ones, wanted to use Paige Matthews' Orbing power to orb herself some where exotic. In Margo's opinion, that exotic locate was somewhere like Fort Lauderdale.