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Gail Altman's Home
Location Information
Proper Name The Home of Gail Altman
County Santa Costa
City San Francisco
State California
Country United States of America
Style Victorian
Residents Gail Altman - until her death

Gail Altman, an old Sorority friend of the Charmed Ones' grandmother, Penny Halliwell, lived in an old Victorian style manor is Santa Costa, California - a suburb of San Francisco.

The home is a muted grey color on the exterior with a cobblestone brick circular exterior on the west side, their is a weather vain atop the house and a fountain in front of the house with a wrap around driveway. It is a rather large home as well.

The exterior of the home is in the typical Victorian style with many antique furniture as well as appliances.

Notable Locations[]


The basement was rather dusty and old looking and appeared to be unfinished and undecorated. There was a large table top near a wall as well as old style antique shelving.

GailAltman Basement3

Cryto takes on his flesh form in the basement

In 2000, Gail and her friends, Amanda and Helen summoned the demon Cryto in the basement of the home where he later killed both of Gail's friends. The three women sewed together a new skin for the spirit of Cryto in the basement so that he could become corporeal. The basement also served as the final vanquishing spot for the demon when the Halliwell sisters - Prue, Piper and Phoebe tricked Cryto and successfully cast a spell to destroy him.


GailAltman Kitchen2

The Halliwell sisters enter the kitchen

Like the rest of the house, the kitchen is decorated and furnished in typical antique Victorian style. The walls are wooden with tiling near the stove. The stove itself looks antique as well.

Gail and her friends brewed a potion on the stove that would separate the Halliwell sisters from their powers which they served to girls in order to bestow Cryto with them in exchange for youth.

Prue, Piper and Phoebe searched the kitchen looking for Gail's friends after Cryto attacked them.

Living Room