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The ability to use reflective surfaces to eavesdrop and watch mortals or magical beings, Gazing is a relatively rare power harnessed by powerful magic and enchanted objects.

Mirror Gazing[]

Mirrors that are enchanted via spell or magic can offer a viewer the ability to gaze into the lives of any being they please, whenever they so desire.

Magic Mirror From Snow White[]

The Magic Mirror from the Fairy Tale Snow White allowed a Wicked Witch to gaze into the lives of [[The Charmed Ones|the Charmed Ones after she managed to escape when the mirror fell to the ground of a Fortress where artifacts from Fairy Tales are kept.

Once the evil witch escaped, she killed the Keeper of Fairy Tales and trapped his apprentice in the mirror. She then asked the apprentice to show her who the most powerful witches in existence were and to her dismay, it showed her Piper and Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews. After using Fairy Tale magic in an attempt to kill the sisters, the witch used to mirror to see the progress she was making.

Crystal Gazing[]

Crystal Balls can be used to gaze and eavesdrop on the actions of others via spell or other forms of magic.

Gideon Crystal Gazes[]

After plotting to kill Wyatt Halliwell, the son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, fearing that he would harness his powers for evil, Gideon, an Elder along with his assistant, Sigmund used a Crystal Ball to eavesdrop on the sisters activities