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Finn, a Golem

Created from moldable material such as clay, Golems are artificial beings created to carry out missions for their creator. Certain demons and magical beings ave the knowledge and wherewithal to create Golems that they use to attain various goals.


After being cursed by a witch causing him to become as hideous on the outside as he was on the inside, the demon Gammill created a Golem out of clay that he would use to capture women in order to turn them into one of a kind figurines, he called the creation Finn.

He would have Finn seek out young woman and then bring them back to an abandoned house where he resided. Gammill would then use a powerful wand to shrink the women, afterwhich he would cover them in clay and heat them in a kiln. After baking, he would paint the women turning them into one of a kind figurines.

When Paige Matthews went past the demon's home, she would get a chill. She informed Leo Wyatt and her sisters Piper and Phoebe Halliwell about and she persuaded Phoebe to go to the home to investigate. Gammill captured Phoebe and shrunk her. Leo and Piper took Paige to the house where she met Finn and instead of luring her into the house, he went with Paige back to her loft. Finn shared his secret with her, revealing that he was a Golem.

While Finn showed Paige that he didn't have a belly button because he was never born, Piper and Leo arrived at the loft and walked in, thinking the two were doing something else, but then Paige revealed that Finn was a Golem.

Finn told Leo and the sisters about Gammill and his insidious methods of collecting one of a kind figurines by getting him to find and lure young women to the house. Finn attempted to help Piper, Paige and Leo in defeating Gammill to retrieve Phoebe but Gammill attacked at Halliwell Manor, zapping Finn with his wand, killing him.

The Source of All Evil[]

In 2007, the Source of All Evil's essence was resurrected and summoned into a Golem created from rock. After battling the Charmed Ones however, he was destroyed.