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A proud demon with the power to throw Fire Balls, Goon was a powerful demon hired by the Triad to protect the Ultimate Power at all costs, even if it meant sacrificing his own life.

Quick Facts[]

Species: Demon
Breed: Unknown
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Brown
Distinguishing Characteristics: Dreads, red top with black overlay and black pants
Notable Powers: Fire Balls
Portrayed By: Logan Alexander

Protecting Christy Jenkins and Dumain[]

When she was persuaded to the dark side by the demon Dumain and the Triad, Goon and various other demons signed a blood oath promising that they would protect Christy, Dumain and Billie and never reveal who they working for. This oath banned them from Magic School and showing up anywhere that may incriminate them in association with Christy.

Affected by a Truth Potion[]


As he rummaged for wood to place in a barrel to keep himself warm, Goon expressed hs displeasure for Christy Jenkins and Dumain, telling Creo that after sacrificing everything, that was the thanks they got, being treated like lackeys and having to hide in an alley with no other place to go. Creo told him that they had the conversation before, it was all part of the Triad's plan and that they'd get what they deserved soon enough. Goon told him that that's what he kept saying but he's still sleeping behind a dumpster. Creo told him that they are to do as they are told, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice because it's all part of the greater victory.


Goon told him if they weren't a part of it, then he wasn't going to sacrific anything and Creo responded telling him that he signed an oath in blood, they both did and that if they don't protect Christy, Billie and Dumain, the two demons would face a fate much wrse than death. Paige and Phoebe then orbed in telling the demons it was funny that they say that and she orbed the demons atop a dumpster where they fell to the ground. They angrily got up from the ground and Phoebe told them they had some questions for them as she threw a potion in front of them, causing them only to respond in truth.


Paige asked them who the "wizard was being the curtain" so to speak, who were they working for. Creo asked who they were talking about, and Phoebe told them the demn they were working for. Goon was about to reveal who but Creo told him not to and then they looked at each intensely and created fire balls that they threw at one another, destroying themselves.