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Gregory Rowe
Biographical Information
  • 1970's (Approx.)
  • Warlock
  • Member of The Rowe Coven
  • The Evil Power of Three
  • Spring 1999
Cause of Death
  • Vanquished
Physical Characteristics
  • Male
Hair Color
  • Brown
Eye Color
  • Brown (Human Form), Blue (Warlock Form)
Skin Color
  • White
Magical Attributes
Active Powers
Basic Warlock Powers
2 Brothers
  • Paul (Brother)
  • Brendan (Half Brother)
  • All relatives of the Rowe Coven
  • Warlock
  • San Francisco, California
Warlock Form
Greg-Rowe2 WarlockForm
Portrayed by:
  • Nick Kokotakis

Greg Rowe was the oldest of three warlock brothers who were known as the Rowe Coven. Out of the three brothers, he was easily the most powerful. He was also the most determined towards fulfilling his and brothers' destiny of forming the most powerful evil force of all time. Had they done so, Greg would have been Prue's counterpart in the evil Power of Three.

Greg and his younger brother Paul had been looking for their half-brother Brendan for many years so they could complete their evil triangle. Brendan had been in hiding for many years, and was about to permanently strip his powers by becoming a priest. Greg was determined to turn Brendan evil, and was even willing to kill Brendan if he didn't turn. 

When Greg got wind that Brendan was coming to the apartment he and Paul shared, he suspected that Brendan was bent on killing them, and decided to use Brendan's desire to kill them to get him to kill an innocent woman he and Paul kidnapped.  However, the Charmed Ones arrived in time to stop the murder.  Undaunted, Greg and Paul chanted a spell that stirred up their younger brother's warlock nature.  Greg then demanded that Brendan kill Prue and take her powers as proof that he turned.  Prue was able to get past the spell and snap Brendan back to himself.

When Brendan finally refused to turn evil, Greg pulled an athame and threw it at him.  However, Paul jumped in front of Greg's athame to sacrifice himself, then killed Greg with his last ounce of strength.

Powers & Abilities[]

Being the oldest of the three Rowe brothers, Greg was naturally the most powerful. He had the ability to generate force fields, a power shared by his brother Paul. He also had the powers of telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and super strength. He demonstrated the power of sense enhancement as well, when descibing that he could feel Brendan's presence when he was coming to kill him. He also possessed the basic powers of a warlock, and all his magic was significantly enhanced due to his being descended from an ancient and increasingly powerful line of warlocks, very much like the Charmed Ones.

When Greg was first seen onscreen, he showed that he had a demonic form that was triggered by anger and rage. In this state, his powers were enhanced to even higher levels.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Although the Rowe brothers were intended to mirror the Halliwell sisters (albeit evil), Greg was very much the dominant figure of the three brothers.  His younger brother Paul was very submissive to him.  In contrast, Piper and Phoebe viewed Prue as first among equals


Greg Rowe appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 1

When Bad Warlocks Turn Good

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