Piper Halliwell: "Our house was built in the center of a pentagram."
Prue Halliwell: "Looks like it's not just on a Spiritual Nexus, but a Wiccan one as well. Which means it's a battleground for good and evil."
Is There a Woogy in the House?
Halliwell Manor
Halliwell Manor1.jpg
Location Information
Home # 1329
Street Prescott Street
City San Francisco
State California
Country United States of America
Notable Residents
First Generation
Priscilla Baxter, Phoebe Bowen & Pearl Russell
Second Generation
Penelope & Patricia Halliwell
Third Generation
Prue, Piper & Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews
Fourth Generation
Wyatt, Chris & Melinda Halliwell

Belonging to the Halliwell Family, Halliwell Manor is a large Eastlake Victorian home located in San Francisco, California that was originally built in 1898. The home fell victim to the earthquake of 1906 and was rebuilt shortly thereafter.

The Manor is comprised of a main floor featuring a foyer, parlor, solarium, conservatory, eat-in kitchen, formal dining room, living area and a laundry room. The second level consists of three bedrooms with attached bathrooms as well as a nursery. The third level is the Attic, a large open area where various furniture and objects belonging to past generations are stored along with the Book of Shadows. And below the main floor is the Basement which can be entered via a stairway from the kitchen.

Ownership[edit | edit source]

The home was owned by Priscilla and Gordon Johnson, the parents of Penelope Halliwell, before being passed onto Penny herself after their deaths.[1] The Manor may have originally been built and occupied by Priscilla's parents or the parents of one of her cousins, Phoebe Bowen and Pearl Russell, who during the 1920s ran a speakeasy in the Manor where friends and neighbors would come to listen to music, drink, dance and converse freely during the Prohibition.

Penny and her first husband, Allen Halliwell, had a daughter, Patty, who was raised in the Manor and resided within the home even after marrying Victor Bennett. Within the Manor, Penny and Patty raised her and Victor's three daughters, Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, Phoebe who in fact was born in the Manor.

After Patty died at the hands of a Water Demon in 1975, Penny maintained guardianship of the three girls with Victor. Victor owned his own apartment but the girls resided within the Manor until Penny tragically passed away as well.

Prue and Piper Reclaim the Manor[edit | edit source]

Thinking that Patty's three daughters deserved a normal life, free of magic and wanting to protect them from demonic threats, Penny sought to create a potion to remove the girls' powers.[2] But after a dispute with Patty's spirit in the Attic of the Manor, Penny had a heart attack and collapsed down the stairs, where Prue, Piper and Phoebe found her.

Viewing Penny as the glue that held them together and now that she was gone, the three sisters decided it was time to pursue their own lives and moved out of the Manor. Prue and Piper leased an apartment in North Beach while Phoebe pursued other avenues in New York City

Wanting to keep the Manor in their family, Prue and Piper broke the lease on their apartment and moved back into Halliwell Manor six months after Penny's death.[3] Piper informed Phoebe of their plans and she too decided to come back to San Francisco to live with her sisters in the home she grew up in.

Paige Moves In[edit | edit source]

After Prue's death and the revelation by Patty that she had a fourth daughter with her Whitelighter, Sam Wilder, Piper and Phoebe invited Paige to move into the Manor with them, as it was part of her heritage like her magic was.

Paige was hesitant at first but Piper and Phoebe convinced her to move in because it was where they were the strongest and most protected. 

Built Upon a Wiccan Nexus[edit | edit source]

The Manor was built on a Spiritual Nexus, a point of incredible energy that is equidistant from the five Basal elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Wood.[4] But not only is it a Spiritual Nexus, it is a Wiccan one as well, laying in the center of a pentagram. Because of this, the Manor serves as a battleground between Good and Evil. 

Prue Learns About the Nexus[edit | edit source]

Charmed One Prue learned that the Manor resides upon a Spiritual Nexus after having a conversation with Professor Beth Wittlesey, who had studied the history of Halliwell Manor.

Prue and her sister Piper discovered that the Manor not only resided on a Spiritual Nexus but a Wiccan one as well after the shadow, known as the Woogyman, that resided within the Nexus possessed their younger sister, Phoebe. 

Important Locations[edit | edit source]

Within the Manor are a few locations that are important in the Halliwell history, in these locations notable events took place and important objects are kept. Among these locations are:

  • The Attic: The Charmed Ones keep the Book of Shadows in this sacred space and the location also serves as the place where numerous demons and evil beings including Belthazor, The Source of All Evil and Jeremy Burns were vanquished. Various magical rituals have occurred here including séances and spells to summon the dead. The sisters also store potion ingredients and magical supplies in the Attic and create potions here.
  • The Basement: This location served as the entrance to unearth the Shadow that was housed in the Nexus below the Manor. Prue Halliwell had a photo developing studio in the basement before her death and was also held here by her kidnapper Abbey in 2000. The demon Zankou was vanquished here as well when the sisters banished the Nexus.
  • The Conservatory: Many encounters with demons and other evil beings occurred here but none more memorable than when the demon Shax attacked and blasted Prue and Piper through a wall serving as an entrance to the conservatory. Struck by the immense force of Shax's blast of wind, Prue was wounded severely and passed away on the floor of the conservatory next to Piper who was healed by Leo Wyatt.
  • The Parlor: In 1924, a battle between Phoebe Bowen, Priscilla Baxter and Pearl Russell took place here after Pearl was seduced to the dark side by her warlock lover. Phoebe and Priscilla captured and vanquished Pearl with a spell that would ensure Pearl never reunite with the warlock in that or any future life.

Key Events Occurring in the Manor[edit | edit source]

Aside from serving as the main location where the Charmed Ones vanquish evil, many notable key events in the Halliwell history have occurred within the Manor, these include:

  • The Death of Pearl Russell: During the 1920s, Priscilla and Phoebe discovered that their cousin Pearl had been seduced to the dark side by her warlock lover Anton and that there was no way to save her so the two cousins cast a spell to destroy Pearl in that and every future life.[5]
  • Penny and Allen's Be-In: In the 1960s when Penny and Allen resided in the Manor, they held gatherings of their magical friends where they freely practiced magic.[6] Among these friends was Leo Wyatt who put on spectacular orb shows using his power of Orb Manipulation. Penny and Allen also planned to hold a Wiccan Be-In for their magical friends during the Summer of Love in which they wanted to tap into the power of the Nexus and "ride the magical wave". But this plan was disrupted when a friend of Penny's known as Robin and her warlock friend Nigel plotted to attack at the Be-In and kill all the witches for power. The attack was thwarted but Allen lost his life when he was killed by Nigel.
  • The Birth of Phoebe Halliwell: On February 24, 1976 Patty Halliwell gave birth to her daughter Phoebe within the walls of the Manor.[7] This event tied Phoebe closer to the Manor than her two sisters making her more easily persuaded to the dark side because of the Nexus.
  • The Death of Penny Halliwell: After discussing binding Prue, Piper and Phoebe's powers with Patty, Penny locked the Book of Shadows in a trunk in the Attic and sealed the entrance to it before having a heart attack and falling down the stairs leading to the second level of the Manor.
  • Invocation of the Power of Three: Determined to keep the Manor in their family, Prue and Piper moved back into the Manor after Penny's death and unbeknownst to Prue, Piper invited Phoebe to come live with them.[8] Phoebe agreed and on her first night back in the home, she and Piper found their Spirit Board. The two sisters attempted to ask it questions but then the pointer spelled out the word "Attic" leaving Phoebe curious to find out why. Against her sister Prue's wishes to wait for a handyman to open the Attic door because it was sealed off, Phoebe attempted to open the door anyway. Although at first it was locked, when she turned around to go back downstairs it opened and she saw a light shining on a trunk where the Book of Shadows was kept. 
She opened the trunk and found the Book; pulling it out of the container, she sat down with it and opened it to the first page, it was the Dominus Trinus, A Spell For Invoking the  Power of Three. Phoebe read the spell aloud, causing the chandelier in the foyer to shake as a bright blue light shone down from it and she awakened their Wiccan powers. Prue and Piper then walked into the Attic asking her how she got in. Phoebe explained that the door opened and that she found the Book of Shadows. Prue grabbed the Book and read a line of the spell, realizing it was a book of Witchcraft.
Unbeknownst to her and her sisters, Phoebe had awakened powers passed onto to them by their great, great, great, great, great grandmother, Melinda Warren - Prue was bestowed with Telekinesis, Piper with Freezing and Phoebe with Premonition.
  • The Halliwell Sisters' First Vanquish:  Knowing that Penny bound the three sisters powers and when she died, the powers would be awakened, a warlock known as Jeremy Burns posed as a human and began dating Piper. Jeremy brought Piper to an abandoned warehouse and attempted to attack her and steal her Freezing power but Piper managed to freeze him and then knocked him out with a two by four piece of wood. 
She escaped to the Manor where Prue and Phoebe helped her cast a spell from the Book to drive Jeremy away from them. The spell however didn't work and as they were cleaning up after casting the spell, Phoebe had a vision of him coming to the Manor. Prue then ran downstairs and opened the front door, telling Phoebe that she was wrong. But Jeremy appeared and tried to attack but Prue use her Telekinetic power to push Jeremy backwards into a wall. She and her sisters ran to the Attic where they tried to barricade the door to prevent Jeremy from attacking them.
It was no use however, the warlock used his power to move the objects away and he burst through the door. As he created a circle of flames around the three witches, Prue recalled the inscription on the Spirit Board written by their mother and they chanted it three times, "The Power of Three will set us free, the Power of Three will set us free, the Power of Three will set us free!", vanquishing Jeremy but not before he warned them that others like him will seek them out. 
  • Discovery of Leo Wyatt's True Identity: While trying to protect a future Whitelighter known as Daisy, Leo Wyatt was attacked by a Darklighter called Alec and shot with a poison tipped arrow.[9] Leo then orbed to the Attic of Halliwell Manor where he fell to the floor. Piper found him groaning in pain with an arrow through his chest and called for her sisters. Phoebe and Leo then explained his true identity as their guardian, a Whitelighter.
  • The Death of Andy Trudeau: Attempting to protect Prue and her sisters from Rodriguez after discovering he was a demon, Andy Trudeau ran into Halliwell Manor but Rodriguez blasted him with an energy ball throwing his against a curio cabinet, killing Andy immediately.[10]
  • Wedding of Piper and Leo: Realizing that they were soulmates after two years of dating and a failed attempt at being bound as husband and wife via a Handfasting ceremony, Leo and Piper married in the Manor where Penny Halliwell presided.[11]
  • Piper and Leo Plan to Move Out: After constant interruptions and distractions when they were trying to share romantic moments and thinking it was time that she and her husband move out of the Manor, Piper revealed to Prue and Phoebe of the plan.[12] Although the two sisters and Leo himself were hesitant to separate the Power of Three, they didn't spend much time discussing the matter because a warlock attacked.
However, just as she was ready to leave with Leo, she came across a potion container with a list of ingredients that could be used to remove their powers that Penny fell down the stairs with when she died. Piper realized what her grandmother's plans were to bind their powers so they could live normal lives separate from one another and came to the decision to remain in the Manor.
  • Shooting of Piper Halliwell: When a powerful demon known as Shax attacked the Halliwells at the Manor and nearly killed Prue and Piper, Leo healed the two and Prue was determined to track down the demon.[13] She and Piper went for a walk through the neighborhood when Shax suddenly appeared and attempted to blast the two with burst of wind. Piper blew him up with her power but unbeknownst to the two sisters, a news reporter and a camera man were a block away recording the entire event as it streamed live on television.
After seeing the live newscast, reporters and citizens gathered around the Halliwells' property, amongst them was a young mentally unstable blonde woman known as Alice Hicks. Alice attempted to confront the sisters and asked them if she could "join their coven" but angered by Alice, Prue blasted her out the doors she came in causing Alice to fall to the ground.
In retaliation, Alice got a high power rifle and shot a bullet through the window, hitting Piper in the back as she and Prue were trying to figure out how to fix what had happened. The bullet went right through Piper stomach's as Prue caught Her as she fell to the floor. 
Desperate to get her sister to the hospital, Prue took Piper to her vehicle in the driveway surrounded by reporters and onlookers. But when the crowd wouldn't back away, Prue used her power to blast them out if her path and sped away with Piper to the hospital, where the doctor revealed it was too late and Piper died. 
  • Prue's Death: While Prue and Piper dealt with the repercussions of being exposed, Phoebe was in the Underworld with Cole and Leo. Leo informed Phoebe what had happened and then suggested that Tempus, the Devil's Sorcerer reverse time because both good and evil magic had been exposed. Cole agreed to ask the Source to have Tempus reverse time but he said he would only do so if Phoebe stayed in the Underworld. 
Leo returned to above ground and Prue informed him what had happened to Piper. It was too late for him to heal his love and Prue ordered him to find a solution. He returned to Phoebe and Cole and informed them that Piper was dead, thus Phoebe agreed to the Source's request that she stay in the Underworld.
Time was reversed to just before Shax attacked at the Manor and just as Prue called for Phoebe, Shax burst though the door as Piper called for Phoebe again, but Phoebe was still in the Underworld. With Phoebe unable to recite the spell as she did before, Shax blasted Prue through the wall, followed by Piper. He then blasted Bo Griffiths through the window of the dining area, killing him. 
Shax then dematerialized in a ferocious tornado of wind, slamming the Manor doors, shattering the windows leaving Prue and Piper injured and bleeding. Leo then arrived and healed Piper but when he attempted to save Prue, it was too late, the young witch and eldest Charmed One was dead.
  • Reconstitution of the Charmed Ones: After being saved from Shax by Phoebe and Cole, Paige went to Halliwell Manor where she introduced herself to the sisters and she and Piper shook hands while staining under the chandelier in the foyer causing a light to shine down on them and the chandelier shook.[14] When Paige asked what it was, Phoebe told her that she thought it meant that she was supposed to be there. The Power of Three had now been reconstituted.
  • Paige Matthews' First Vanquish: Just as Paige and Piper shook hands, Shax burst into the Manor set to destroy the sisters but Leo jumped atop his back as Piper along with Paige and Phoebe ran to the Attic. In the Attic, they ran to the Book of Shadows and flipped it's pages to the Shax entry. Phoebe told Paige to recite the spell along with them as Shax materialized in front of them. The three recited the spell and Shax writhed around in pain before bursting into a pyrotechnic explosion, destroyed once and for all, rendering Paige's first vanquish.
  • The Source of All Evil is Vanquished:  Thinking that using the power of The Hollow would be enough to defeat the Charmed Ones once and for all,[15] the Source of All Evil travelled to the Ancient Burial Ground where the Hollow was stored and killed the a Guardian of the Hollow while he forced the other Guardian to take in the Hollow and absorb the Charmed Ones' powers.
The Guardian appeared in the Attic of the Manor and when Piper used her powers against him, he absorbed them, leaving Piper powerless. But then Phoebe managed to throw an athame that Piper used to kill the Guardian. The Hollow then returned to the Source and he extracted Piper's powers from it into his own body. 
The Source also managed to acquire Paige's Telekinetic Orbing power with the Hollow and proceeded to carry out his plan to attack at the Manor. 
Phoebe had a premonition of the Source attacking and not knowing who it was, sent Cole away in an attempt to protect him. But then after the Guardian was vanquished, Cole returned and informed them that the demon in the vision was in fact the Source himself. As the Source attacked at the Manor, wounding Piper by blasting her into a wall, Paige and Phoebe grabbed Piper and they ran to the Attic where they trapped the Source in a Crystal Cage but with Paige's power, he orbed a crystal into his hand, breaking the barrier and created a fire ball that he was about to throw at the sisters but Cole, who took in the Hollow at the advice of the Seer, shielded the girls and absorbed the Source's powers. The sisters then recited a vanquish spell that destroyed the Source once and for all. The Seer and Phoebe then contained the Hollow but unbeknownst to the sisters, Cole now possessed the Source's power.
  • Paige Moves In: Thinking that it would be best for the Power of Three to live under one roof after Prue's death and the discovery of Paige Matthews, Piper and Phoebe invited Paige to move into the Manor with them.[16] Paige thought it was a crazy idea at first but after various encounters with demons and evil beings including her past life, the Evil Enchantress, Paige realized it would be best especially since she was constantly coming to the Manor to help with vanquishes.
To accommodate Paige, Piper and Leo moved into Prue's old room since it was the largest and Paige moved into Piper's. Paige completed the move just as a Chameleon Demon known as Alistair was hired to spy on the sisters by the Source. 
  • Belthazor is Vanquished: A demon known as Sykes emerged in the Charmed Ones' lives and angered by Belthazor, he sought to do battle with him.[17] At the same time, a woman known as Emma was tracking Sykes, believing he was responsible for the death of her lover. But when she realized it was truly Belthazor who killed her love, she sought to vanquish him and while Sykes and Belthazor did battle in the Attic of the Manor, Emma threw a potion at Belthazor, destroying him, leaving only Cole Turner behind.
  • Paige Defeats Barbas: After being taught by a demon in hell how to Astral Project, Barbas tricked Cole into drinking a potion that would remove his powers.[18] As Cole drank it, Barbas was able to absorb his powers and escaped hell. Barbas then trapped the Charmed Ones in Halliwell Manor where he tried to turn their greatest fears against them. But when they overcame their fears, they created a potion to strip him of his powers and Barbas returned. 
Barbas knocked the potion to the floor and targeted Paige but when Piper reminded Paige of how Prue banished the demon, she telekinetically orbed the potion from the floor into Barbas' mouth giving Cole his powers back and they then vanquished him.
  • Cole Turner is Destroyed: When he was approached by two powerful beings known as Alpha and Delta, Cole Turner agreed to join their cause and was imbued with the ability to alter reality.[19] With this, Cole created an alternate reality where he was still in a relationship with Phoebe Halliwell.
In this world, Paige was dead, never having the opportunity to reconstitute the Charmed Ones, Leo and Piper were no longer together and Piper was still looking for Shax, hoping to avenge Prue's death. But fortunately, at the time Cole created the world, Paige Matthews sneezed and orbed out, being unaffected by the magic.
She then sought out Phoebe but after a failed attempt to convince her that they were sisters and seeing that evil now had control of the Manor, Paige sought to find Piper and called for Leo. Leo took her to Piper who was hunting demons and while Piper was questioning a Lazarus Demon, Paige approached and confronted her, telling her that they were sisters. Piper was hesitant to believe Paige and her story about them being in an alternate world but after Paige told her that the Lazarus Demon had to be buried on cemetery ground to completely be vanquished, the Lazarus reformed and Paige was frustrated that Piper wouldn't listen to her.
Leo then took Paige to a cemetery where he brought her to her grave, showing that she died in 2001 shortly after Prue. Piper arrived as well and agreed to work with Paige to try to vanquish Cole. The three of them went to a secluded lair and created the potion, then they proceeded to the Manor.
In the Manor Phoebe heard Paige and Piper and asked them what they were doing but then Cole appeared and before the vanquish potion could be thrown, Phoebe grabbed it. Cole tried to explain he loved Phoebe but she knew what she had to do, she threw the potion at him and he blew up in a ferocious explosion. Paige then returned to the real world where she revealed what had happened and the three sisters went to Cole's penthouse where he was no where to be found, he was vanquished once and for all.
  • Piper Makes the Manor Disappear: When residual energy left behind from all of the demonic vanquishes in the Manor manifested into evil spirits, the Charmed Ones summoned a Witch Doctor hoping he could banish the manifestations.[20]
But when he was summoned he sensed that the Manor and the sisters were a magnet for evil, he stole various objects from the three sisters and placed a hex on them that led Piper to become obsessed with cleanliness. Driven to have the Manor perfectly clean, Piper cast a spell that made the home vanish along with Phoebe inside.
When Leo revealed to Piper that not only did she make the Manor disappear but Phoebe as well, it shocked her out of the hex and she cast a spell making Phoebe and the Manor reappear.
  • Wyatt Halliwell's Birth: Refusing to give birth in a hospital, Piper sought to deliver her baby in the Manor but when complications arose causing toxemia, she was forced to go to hospital for examination.[21] Her doctor told her to get rest and stay in bed but as she did so at the Manor, he father Victor visited bringing along his new lover, Doris, who unbeknownst to everyone was a demon. 
Doris along with a Demonic Sorcerer called Cronyn plotted to steal Piper's baby the day that all magic took a rest. Cronyn lured Paige and Phoebe away from the Manor while Doris disabled Victor by stabbing him. Piper then began having contractions as Cronyn returned.
Paige and Phoebe discovered the plan and returned to the Manor where Piper managed to get away from Doris as Cronyn searched the home, thinking that he heard the two sisters. Paige and Phoebe then created a spell to vanquish the demons using magic from a Unicorn's horn. Piper made her way down the stairs and Cronyn spotted her. Doris along with Phoebe and Paige appeared at the stairwell and as Victor emerged he picked up Cronyn throwing him down from the stairs.
Phoebe and Paige began reciting the spell they created and as Doris and Cronyn began to run to leave the Manor, the dust from the Unicorn's horn was thrown at then and the spell was completed Vanquishing the demons
Leo then arrived and Piper told them that her baby was coming. The sisters helped Piper atop the dining room table and she gave birth to her baby, who, to everyone's surprise, was a boy. As he was born, light emerged from the chandelier as it shook, welcoming the Twice Blessed child. 
  • Wyatt's Wiccaning: After Wyatt's birth, Piper summoned her grandmother  to perform a Wiccaning, a magical ceremony to ensure the child would be protected from evil threats but Penny was hesitant to do so because Wyatt was a boy.[22] Thinking that something went wrong because there were no male witches in their family, Penny expressed her concern to Piper and before she could perform the ceremony, Penny's former lover, the ghost of a demon known as Armand, the Necromancer captured her and attempted to use her to steal the magic of the Halliwell Matriarchs in order to resurrect himself for good.
But Paige was able to cast the Truth Spell allowing Penny to reveal her true feelings for Armand. Although she admitted she loved him, her love for her family was stronger and she banished the ghost.
Penny then recited the spell to Summon the Halliwell Matriarchs and as Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Leo stood watching, Penny held Wyatt as the Matriarchs blessed Wyatt with their magic.
  • Future Christopher is Wounded and Dies: While trying to protect his younger brother Wyatt from being turned to the dark side, Christopher was stabbed by Gideon, an Elder.[23] Leo then sat beside Christopher as he died and vanished.
  • Christopher Halliwell's Wiccaning: Shortly after her son Christopher's birth, Piper summoned her grandmother and had her perform a Wiccaning for him.[24] In the Attic, Penny summoned the spirits of the Halliwell Matriarchs and blessed the young boy.
  • Leo Wyatt Becomes an Avatar: The Avatars pursued Leo Wyatt for months trying to lure him into their fold and finally succeeded when a demon known as Sarpedon severely wounded Piper and Phoebe in the Manor.[25] Near death and unable to be healed with his regular healing power, the Avatars told Leo that their powers could save the two witches if he joined them. Leo agreed and the Avatars imbued him with the powers of their breed and he healed Piper and Phoebe.
  • Zankou Claims the Manor: In a plot to absorb the Shadow within the Nexus beneath the Manor, the demon Zankou divulged a plan to unearth the being when the sisters were not present in the home, leaving the Shadow to be used for evil purposes.[26] As long the sisters, Piper's children and Leo were in the house, Zankou would be unable to absorb the Shadow because it would sense both good and evil and would be forced out of Zankou's body.
Hoping to harness the power for evil, Zankou waited until he could sense that everyone was out of the Manor. In order to speed up the process, Zankou sent a demon to attack the sisters so that they would pursue the demon and leave the Manor. But Unbeknownst to Zankou however, Wyatt shrunk Piper and Leo and sent them into the replica dollhouse of the Manor after the demon he sent wounded Leo in front of him. Within the house, he was unable to sense the two of them.
When Paige and Phoebe left the Manor, Zankou believed that no one was in the home and he and his minions proceeded to the basement where they began to unearth the Shadow. The group dug deep enough and Zankou attempted to take the Shadow in but when it entered his body, it sensed goodness still in the house and violently withdrew from the demon's body. Afterwhich, Zankou realized good was still present in the house.
Piper and Leo managed to escape from the dollhouse but were still shrunken thus they sought a resolution in the Book of Shadows. But when Piper used her power to flip the pages of the Book, demons standing guard noticed the two and Zankou captured them in a box. When Phoebe and Paige returned to the Manor, they tricked Zankou into unshrinking Piper so they could summon the Shadow into him all the while intent on sending it into Leo, who could control it. They called the Shadow forth, and it entered Leo's body and he used it's powers to destroy Zankou's minions and he blasted him out of the basement causing Zankou to retreat. The shadow then returned to the Nexus. 
  • Zankou and the Nexus are Destroyed: Not giving up on gaining control of the Shadow, Zankou divulged another scheme to weaken the sisters' belief in their powers thus weakening their bond with the Book of Shadows which would ultimately weaken the Book's defenses allowing him to steal the Book and use it's magic to steal the Charmed Ones' powers.[27]
He successfully managed to shatter the sisters' belief in their powers by first killing a friend of Phoebe's, Tim Cross as well as a charge of Paige's. With the help of a Demonic Alchemist, Zankou resurrected Tim, Paige's charge and Inspector Reece Davidson who was killed four years prior by the Seekers and then sent them to attack the sisters. Although hesitant to do so, Piper used her power to blow up the bodies of the three dead mortals but it was to late, with their belief in their magic shattered, Zankou broke through the Book's shield in the Attic and stole it.
With the Book now in his hands, Zankou created the potion to separate a witch from her powers and used it first to steal Piper's powers and then Phoebe's. But the sisters came up with a plan to trick Zankou and lead him to Magic School with their Astral bodies while they tried to reconnect with the Book and their magic. 
The sisters went to the Manor where they then projected to Zankou and led him to Magic School where he attempted to steal Paige's powers but when he threw the potion at her, nothing happened. The three sisters smirked at the demon before returning to their own bodies in the Manor and then went to the Book where they reaffirmed their belief in their powers and chanted the Power of Three Spell and then reclaimed the Book of Shadows where they found a spell to Banish the Nexus - How To Banish a Suxen.
They then went to the basement and acted as though they were summoning the Shadow and Zankou soon followed. Zankou absorbed the shadow and the three sisters recited the banishing spell causing Zankou and the Nexus to be destroyed in a fiery explosion. But unbeknownst to everyone, it was only the sisters' Astral bodies in the basement while their true selves were outside the Manor.
  • The Charmed Ones Host Their Own Wakes: After faking their deaths in the explosion that killed Zankou, Piper, Phoebe and Paige hosted their own wakes at the Manor while glamoured into their new identities as cousins of the Charmed Ones.[28] During the wake, Paige noticed she didn't have many visitors other than Leprechauns thus she glamoured into Janice Dickinson and grieved for herself.
  • Paul Haas Attempts to Purchase the Manor: During the sisters wake at the Manor, a demon known as Haas approached Victor in hopes of purchasing the Manor but Victor told him to leave.[29] Haas then revealed to his demonic minions that he planned to purchase the Manor and use it as the base for demonic operations in the human world. This plan was not to be and Haas was vanquished by the sisters.
  • Paige Matthews and Henry Mitchell Wed: Having fell in love with one another, Paige and Henry decided to marry and have the wedding at Halliwell Manor.[30] Held in the conservatory of the home, only family and close friends attended the gathering.
  • Phoebe Moves Out: Fed up with being unable to quietly do her work because of her sisters' constant interruptions, Phoebe decided it was time to move out to a place she could get the peace and quiet she was looking for. Her sisters understood her desire to have her own place and she moved into a condo at Golden Park Condominiums
  • Billie and Christy Jenkins Attack the Charmed Ones: After turning the magical community against the Charmed Sisters, Billie and Christy absorbed the Hollow and attacked the girls at the Manor.[31]
  • Phoebe, Paige and Christy are Killed: Knowing that the Jenkins were plotting an attack, Piper, Phoebe and Paige absorbed the Hollow as well and when the Jenkins attacked, the three used the Hollow's powers against them as Billie and Christy did the same. The powers clashed with one another in a fiery explosion that sent the five women flying threw the air killing Phoebe, Paige and Christy.
  • The Manor is Destroyed: As a result of the explosion caused by the invocation of the Hollow and using their powers against one another, the Charmed Ones and the Jenkins destroyed the Manor.
  • The Charmed Ones Emerge Victorious After Christy and the Triad are Eliminated: After Leo and Piper used Coop's ring to travel back in time, they were able to prevent the explosion of the Manor and saved Phoebe and Paige.[32] The three sisters together destroyed the Triad as Billie helped eliminate Christy. The Charmed Ones then returned to the Manor emerging victorious in the Final Battle with the Triad.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The actual home featured in Exterior shots of Halliwell Manor is located in Los Angeles, California in Echo Park situated in the Angelino Heights District of the city.
  • In reality, the home is known as the Innes House located at 1329 Carroll Street.
  • Interior Scenes from the pilot episode of Charmed as well as the series premiere were recorded at the actual Innes House but everything afterwards was recorded on sound stages that were based on the true interior of the Innes House.
  • Exterior shots of the Charmed Ones and other characters at the home were shot on location in Los Angeles.
  • The location of where exactly the Manor is located on the series has changed numerous times over the years having backdrops seen in various windows that overlook such San Francisco locations as North Beach, Alamo Square and the Palace of Fine Arts, as well as Los Angeles' actual Carroll Street and many others.
  • The detailed architecture of the Manor is referred to as "Eastlake Victorian" describing the lacy, ornamental details of the design. The ornamental style is named after the famous English designer, Charles Eastlake, who was famous for making furniture decorated with fancy spindles.

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