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A Harpy prepares to attack Piper Halliwell

Powerful, murderous female demons with sharp bird-like talons and colorless eyes, the Harpies are relatives of the mythical Greek creatures of the same name that are said to have the head and body of a woman and the wings, tail and claws of a bird. The Harpies are shown to have the power of laser bolts. It is unclear what, if any, the goals of the Harpies are.

Harpy Attack at Halliwell Manor[]

In 2002, shortly before an encounters with Vampires, a Harpy attacked the Charmed Ones at their home, Halliwell Manor, in San Francisco, California. Moments after the attack, the Harpy was vanquished with a Power of Three spell that Piper had acquired.

Vanquish Spell[]

Claws of Pain
We have to Sever,
Demon, you are
Gone Forever.

The Book of Shadows[]

Although never shown, it is possible there is an entry about Harpies in the Halliwell Family's Book of Shadows. This could be the location where Piper Halliwell found the vanquish spell.