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Mercury Demon1

Drake, a Mercury Demon that was hatched from an egg in Hades

A form of birth, Hatching refers to a demonic method of being born. A few breeds of demonic beings mate and the female of the two produces eggs that incubate until maturation in the Underworld or in the demon's lair where they then hatch.

Notable Demonic Breeds That Hatch[]

Although all the breeds of demons that produce offspring in the form of eggs that then hatch are unknown, two breeds described as creating eggs that form their spawn are the Grimlocks and Mercury Demons.


White-skinned demons that steal the eyesight from children in order to see unique soul energy that surround good beings and feed on it, the Grimlocks mate and the female produces eggs that she stores in the Underworld until they hatch.

Mercury Demons[]

Descended from Mercury, the Roman God of  Thievery, female Mercury Demons produce eggs that incubate in the eternal flames of Hades that eventually crack and release powerful beings with the power to fire Thermal Blasts strong enough to take out ten demons in one shot.