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Hecate's human form

Hecate, Queen of the Underworld, takes human form once every two hundred years, coming to earth to marry a man and give birth to a demon child. To do this Hecate must find an innocent to be her groom, put him under her spell and marry him in a sanctified wedding. In this way, her child will grow up looking normal but possessing a demon soul. Those reputed to be Hecate's children are significant throughout history.

The power of a fourteenth century Italian knife called a poignard that bears the inscription "Nic Prius Absistit Quoad Protero Prodicium" (I shall not rest until the demon is vanquished) is the only was to send He

cate back to the Underworld. Her spell can be broken by a declaration of love sealed with a kiss.

Quick Facts
Species: Demon
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
NotablePowers: Shapeshifting,Luring, Storm Creation, Hypnotize

The Deal With Grace Spencer[]


Hecate visiting Grace Spencer.

Twenty Years ago, Hecate made a deal with Grace to marry her son Elliot so she could birth a demon child with a human. She does her demonic bidding as she replaced Allison Michaels the bride and made herself instead. Grace got shocked and surprised that Hecate didn't aged. She made Elliot Spencer faint and lured him.

Marrying Elliot Spencer[]

Father Trask[]

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Phoebe and Piper catering the wedding.

When Phoebe and Piper came to cater the wedding a priest named Father Trask warned them about Hecate, though he was kicked out by the security guards.

Meanwhile she was preparing her dress for the wedding but the designer accidentally pierced Hecate's skin but her skin didn't bleed and Hecate questioned what's the problem and the designer said nothing.

And Allison sneaked into the bedroom of Elliot to talk to him but she got kicked out by Hecate's/Jade's bridesmaids. Jade then angrily pulled Elliot.