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The Spell in the Book

In 2001, a powerful Dark Priestess known solely as Dantalian was able to capture Charmed One Prue Halliwell and bound her and a Warlock named Zile together as husband and wife ultimately polluting not only Piper and Phoebe Halliwell with evil and dark magic but also causing the Halliwell Family's Book of Shadows to turn evil as well. When the Book became polluted with the dark magic, the Hemlock Killing Spell was a spell that appeared within it's pages. While under the influence of the dark magic, Piper commented that the spell had possibilities but Leo Wyatt told her the spell didn't belong in the Book and that she, her sister and the Book were becoming evil because of Dantalian.

The Spell[]

Branch of Hemlock
Do your deed
Blood of life
Will you impede
Unleashed bark
Will stop the Breath
And in the end
Will bring Death


Although it is stated this is a dark magic spell, it can be viewed as good magic as well due to the fact Hemlock is used in many vanquish potions for Demons.